in June 28th in the domestic business circle dubbed the "Pharmacist Hwang", "hardcore characters" yellow if, since June 2011 announced that no longer served as chief operating officer of, claiming to retire from the electricity supplier industry".

then if yellow is not out of business, in addition to monitoring in Huaping investment group as a consultant, responsible for part of the electricity investment project, in May this year, Huang also borrows the book "if I look at the electricity supplier" "comeback", he said that the electricity supplier through the gold for ten years, you need to stop this reflection, including how much less work the essence of how to flicker, closer to commercial and retail.

reflect on one: the core value is more important than scale

Huang Ruo believes that the electricity supplier in the ten years of development, too much emphasis on market share, too much emphasis on public relations marketing, the whole industry is biased. In ten years, especially the majority of business leader too much on the scale, that flow is everything, and only on price, which causes them in scale and not to establish the core values, such as service, technology accumulation, and thus difficult for competitors to imitate and surpass.

, for example, an American friend of Huang Ruo’s last year in the Amazon to buy a Kindle electronic reader, the use of six months after the discovery of the bottom of the screen there is a black spot, after taking pictures sent to the Amazon, Amazon after confirming that return a new Kindle products, Huang Ruo think this is the essence of retailer service.

In contrast, Taobao

or Jingdong or basically rely on the scale to promote the establishment of the threshold, this does not mean the leading position unshakable.

of course, the only scale theory is mainly due to the promotion of VC, which is also an important cause of China’s electricity supplier industry impetuous.

VC is the first electricity supplier overall do the initial investment, founder of not using their own money to do business, burn more easily; secondly because the industry is the dominant VC, VC on the attitude of enterprises such as pig, founder and do business such as raising children, which has led investors to promote enterprise fast staking; in the past 10 years even 20 years is the fastest period of economic development China history, the retail industry is even more so, the operating level of the problem does not pay attention to the stage of enterprise, snowball profit with China line retail enterprises indulge in commercial real estate, online retail enterprises to expand the scale of business that is the best for a a user only needs 15 pieces of the cost of Taobao in 2007, up to now a new user on the value of 80-100 yuan.

of these factors make the domestic electricity supplier facing "xupang" problem, looks big, but inside is not strong.

reflect two: capital ushered in the redemption period to trigger the electricity supplier to change

of course, "xupang" business will usher in a new look to show that day, Huang Ruo thought to trigger Chinese electricity supplier change, including investment institutions to enter the redemption period after the demand, and the Internet.

Huang electricity supplier for ten years, we have to reflect on what