love Shanghai intelligent technology, website optimization difficulty is more and more high. The number of past that pile type optimization method has been difficult to meet the love of Shanghai under the new technology test, most of this is only the number do not pay attention to the optimization model of the quality of the final results will only leave a feather.

website optimization of its core from the past simple chain for the emperor gradually transition to the content is king, that is to say the content has become the core of search engine optimization. But how can the content optimization better? Many webmaster friends think the original is the only proper course to take, but that is not the case, because a large number of websites reproduced also have good performance, thus the original content is not all content optimization.

how can the content optimization better? Is very simple as long as we follow the two words to be successful, it is innovation, it seems that these two words seem a bit empty, but to the innovation of "virtual" into the "real" operation, the key is the need to proceed from the following hand.

first, innovative website content writing ideas. This is from the keyword set to carry out key elements, this is also the many website content construction. Because the core keywords must write web content and web sites are closely linked, and this relationship needs to show by keywords. For example, you have a talent education website, so the construction of the contents of nature is a lot of tutorial content, and the education content should link and site specific, human resources training to write about human resources tutorial, computer education will be released with the computer tutorial, only around this core keywords the construction content, and these contents have certain readability and innovation, to be able to get the favor of love Shanghai.

second, seize the core elements of the correlation. The correlation is a key element of content optimization, it mainly reflects whether writing around the keywords in the contents of the article, the article is closely fastened to carry out site title. Related articles and links are pointing to the related column. Either the user or the love of Shanghai, to reflect the details of this correlation. The other is to pay attention to the keyword density, because the keyword density depends on the degree of correlation between the content of the article, if a keyword in the article too close, although this is highly relevant, but often result in loss of the main connotation, let love Shanghai that is in the stack, to be punished. But if it is too dilute, then can not reflect the correlation, lead content had no effect. So the rational allocation of keyword density is also very critical.

third, grasp the needs of users. It is optimized for the user to optimize the content, to meet the needs of users. Because the site is attractive, and ultimately not rely on gorgeous design, but with the excellent connotation, and the connotation is the content. So the optimal content is to catch the user’s eye. Therefore, in the aspects of optimizing content can be.

The modern With the continuous progress of

s the content of the website optimization is to optimize the innovation

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