due to the weight of the website, the PR value is transitive, we can understand the positive transfer weight or PR, namely, PR home page weight is passed to a page to two pages to three pages that have been ordered to pass on. But in fact there are reverse transfer or reverse transfer. This article is from the page, turn the weight transfer to the home page of PR. Then, with the weight of the inside pages of the first page of the weight will be promoted.

increased the weight of the inside pages:

Maintenance External links

This is the best understanding of Although the link between The increase of

suggests that we in the construction of the website links, all links have carried out a series of web pages within the site within the page with each other.

is also very good understanding, is between the internal site page link. Such as: B website C B web page links to D pages.

no matter in our external links construction in depth, is the site of the internal links depth construction must have a "degree", and the degree of how to grasp, then I (Wang Xiaobao: "dignity" this thing someone should mention to) we need comprehensive search engine and user >

enhance the user experience:

, the depth is the website of the internal links to pages, but if the internal links reach a certain number and this number is the time of quality, then the weights will be within the site page there is a great improvement in the ranking, the attendant is the internal page search in the search engine results upgrade. Sometimes we may find a site inside pages in a particular keyword, the search engine ranking will be much higher than the home page, link depth is likely this page "quantity" and "quality" caused by.

, depth of links established and not say where, after they will take care of him. Or on a regular basis to view maintenance link depth.

internal link depth:


web pages through internal link depth implementation, makes the relevant points "page to maximize the display to visitors between the pages and pages, which will undoubtedly increase the visitors to the site experience.

home page weight:

Shanghai Longfeng link depth have degree and value:

web page links between the internal depth of strengthening, the user experience, so it is rising, site traffic PV.

website PV:

Shanghai Longfeng link depth function:

today Hangzhou Shanghai dragon Xiaobian teach you in the process of Shanghai dragon link depth, we first need to understand the classification of Shanghai dragon link depth:

Shanghai Longfeng link depth:

How to optimize the site links Shanghai Longfeng depth

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