five: the wrong direction, the first business is to make money, this is a big goal, don’t pull the imaginary, who entrepreneurship is to change the world, you go and change, which is the social change in the world so many opportunities and opportunities? Besides, you change the world, the time consumption of affordable? Well, said the amount of representation of a point, you have so much money to support this process? So we must firmly grasp the principle, grasp the idea, don’t say what on tv… Don’t do empty things, do practical things.

to the Internet was exposed in 1997, also heard that the Internet can earn money, but he still don’t know how to make money through the network, and finally in 2007, some basic ways to make money online through a friend’s advice to know, and know the long net, and slowly began to feel a bit have a fever the road of the site. Of course, do not know how to make money to earn some money, regardless of the network location problem, or personal promotion, or a matter of time, on the road to the station for nearly a year, I also with all the webmaster, hard to walk! Sleep less, red eyes, even thinner. Although, did not make any money, but still in constancy kuzhongzuole, narcissism.

Why did


six: no money, just do things. I >

two: excessive demands, such as a team manager, he quit, to form a team to start, he wished everyone quit to accompany his business, this is not nonsense? Not many people will in future and with no reality whatever is not very practical good to give up their stable work and life, you’re not Jobs, what requires people to accompany you to change the world?

Although the

is the late summer of 2007, neighbors guide I started Wangzhuan road "culprit" to find me, and I talked about some of the things I was building the network, in the company is also responsible for the company’s website, which also has a point of interest, and know a lot of knowledge from him: CMS, SEO shlf1314 Adsense, union, etc., really convince me is the income he showed me his advertising every day! And a day is ten pieces or even dozens of pieces, but the real dollars! In addition to the network advertisement, he seems to have other sites to make money by charging a commission every day, there are one hundred or two hundred yuan income! Counted his day’s income is much higher than me a month’s wages! How can not let people like him? Life is my ideal life: you can not go to work, and Every day there are income, and can meet the needs of life and even there are savings! So I can free, take time in less than one year old to take care of my son, if there is time, you can also engage in my favorite photography

webmaster fail?


three: management of lazy, here also talked about management of this problem, a team, management is very important, here is a story: "a flock of sheep a sheep led by a lion and a lion team leadership team. As a result, a team of lions led by a team of goats is stronger than a team of lions headed by a sheep." This is the management of things to do for others, Yaowuheliu is what

okay, in shlf1314 strict >

because he has a server, free to provide me the space website, and because I love photography, photography from the first start! Do digital photography website! Perhaps the digital photography website I have features, or my poor promotion, sh419 hundred has been bad, the flow also has not been in addition to search! "Digital photography website" is still ranked in front of sh419, "according to the input digital photography" can’t find my station! Most of the time one day is more than 100 IP, even now only a few IP, the server was attacked because he, later may be expired, but I believe enthusiasm have been unbelievable high, please yourself through the stationmaster net rented a virtual host to continue to adhere to, has also been the sh419 K, but later included! Though, but Flow less! Except that the domain name is pretty good, I to the station did not hold what confidence, but still insist! Some say persevering! I do not know that the status quo of the stick, or to continue to find a better way of

website! !

four: punishment is uneven, a team must have done well and do not good, I have seen a lot of good management, do not praise, do not criticize the poor, not what the whole team management system, what you see from the unconscious, that is actually punishment fee! The system is more important in a team, do things and not do things that are treated like we are not doing things…

Remember that ?


webmaster fail

to tell you the truth, Hu Xiaoyi is not the record industry, but in the webmaster of this circle so long, some people desperately want to start, some people desperately planning business, some successful, some failed, this is a normal thing, I also joined the team, I sort out something from it. Share:


Why did

: a thought too much, once see this article in the home owners: "poineering company is destroyed by the new idea to be constant?", is really very reasonable, we Adsense it, there may be no good resources, there may be no good, but some people see others do we have a forum! Others do portal, we also do a single page station! Others do, hey this money, we get a final! Toss toss to toss out time…

Station to make money process, hurry, webmaster must be patientWhy does stationmaster business fail

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