page, the text of the loading speed is far higher than a lot of pictures, oh, because we all know that open website pictures very time memory, this will undoubtedly affect the entire site loading speed Oh, for example, before www.tbtmsy贵族宝贝 is because of this, leading to the website is frequently hit the open state, and finally lead to search engine drop right. So in the face of this situation, we can compress the page through a number of tools to the picture, so you can save our server space a lot of resources, so as to effectively enhance the overall speed of the website.

1, to reduce the server load

to understand the optimization of friends that are very familiar to the ALT attribute on pictures, because we all know that spider is unable to identify pictures of what you want to say, so this time we can only express content through the ALT property to display pictures, so we must pay more attention to the. I believe some Adsense specializes in pictures of the station will find that we will have a lot of.



(a) to compress the web page as a whole.

we also can put pictures from the site and put the calling form, so that even the image loading speed is slow, it will not affect the speed of the whole of our website.

(three) attribute comment website images.

in Shanghai this year once again updated, believe that many webmaster will find love, Shanghai has begun to pay more and more attention to the web page loading speed, in fact, from the mobile phone version of the love of Shanghai can see, usually when you search for a keyword, you just open a few sites first page, you will find that the speed is very fast, but the size of the page is compressed, so if you want your website to have a good speed, good development, on page compression is very important, there are several smaller specific benefits:

2, increase user access speed.

(two) in the web page picture compression.

3, increase the spider crawling speed.

2013 today, with the renewal of love Shanghai constant adjustment algorithm, the role of the chain has become increasingly small, so for some of the details of the optimization work station will undoubtedly add a lot, especially some of our most neglected daily in small details, when they have a page one page accumulated down for us the day after the website ranking hit is very large, in fact, is should be a sentence "details determine success or failure, while the optimization is the site code today to share with you in those small details can not be ignored, roughly divided into 5 aspects to share with you.

In fact, for the

The web page code optimization of these points have you noticed

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