has much impact on love for Taobao Shanghai for the future development of the Internet there is no ban, here no longer comment, perhaps a few days Taobao will have a new movement? Right! But no matter what the result is, as long as we believe in the Internet platform, no friends, no permanent enemies, only interests

for the love of Shanghai after the lifting of the ban, according to the normal situation, the love of spiders in Shanghai will crawl Taobao product pages or more pages in Shanghai love ranking, which means that Taobao’s products added to the love of Shanghai participated in the competition for the ranking, independent mall will be more of a strong opponent. It is bound to affect the flow has been obtained from the Shanghai love

is eternal!

because of shielding love Shanghai taobao贵族宝贝 search service, said it was because the means of unscrupulous businesses use PPC, Shanghai dragon optimization cheat consumers trust. After Taobao off the rise, a lot of Taobao capital gain tremendous benefits. So now Taobao lifted love Shanghai, will cause a huge loss of traffic from Taobao, Taobao for the development of customer is not optimistic after

. !Effects of

to talk about the influence for Taobao customers:

At present, Taobao !

just write this article also found that Taobao in Shanghai love into the bidding, such as mogujie贵族宝贝 search, the first is the price of Taobao. See these, believe that different people will have the same idea, because Taobao lifted love Shanghai, effects of different businesses or individuals are not the same. The following is to say to us in the end there will be what kind of impact?

On 2008 Taobao

for Taobao seller:

on independence mall conjecture:

recently opened micro-blog found that many webmaster in discussing a very sensitive topic, is Taobao to love Shanghai ban closed! After seeing this, I immediately went to check, and sure enough, as shown below, the Taobao robots.txt has been removed to the Shanghai spiders love in fall in love with the sea has been closed! Can search to Taobao about 24700000.

!Effect of

from Shanghai site love Taobao data will only see love Shanghai put 2 records, but can not guarantee that Shanghai will be released after the love of Taobao more pages, including the page Taobao seller, as can be imagined, the seller will be more of a Shanghai Longfeng flow channels, of course, the seller for Taobao is a good news

article by immature source dormann early www.dumanzaojiao贵族宝贝 editor. Please indicate the

this is the author for Taobao ban love Shanghai impact on us put forward the three point, if you have more ideas to ban Taobao love Shanghai, welcome to supplement.

What is the influence of Taobao ban love Shanghai

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