a lot of work in the enterprise in the Shanghai dragon ER and network promotion personnel are very confused, seemingly busy every day, seemingly did not do what the essence of things. Patience for a period of time, but no effect, feel at a loss. Own it, the boss can not stand ah, recruit a staff every day doing nothing, who do not feel so lost? Website optimization and promotion of personnel work when faced with the confusion of what needs to be done to

first to analyze the reason of confusion; personal summary of three: to see the effect of confusion, do not know how confused, of Shanghai dragon and network promotion position confused. Here the 37 network key under two confused problem.

can not see the effect of confusion. Here is the premise to note that business owners of Web site optimization and promotion of awareness. Shanghai Longfeng, website optimization and promotion is a long-term project. Shanghai dragon indeed in the enterprise not to be seen, and the characteristics of it (not immediate, no unified examination mode, duplication of work, time-consuming, need to adhere to relevant). Unless you are in the unit team, understand Shanghai Longfeng, understand network marketing, optimize marketing or promotion programs, or operating stations and even the use of black hat means, or the short term is difficult to see the effect of the rankings — of course promotion work is not the same, accurate customer sometimes effective copywriting and good communication can bring the.

comes from the confusion still don’t know how to do? You should have some what? This is some new questions. A part of the Shanghai Phoenix and network promotion are network marketing, but not the same. Shanghai dragon is focused on the optimization of the work, the work including the study of search engine algorithm, do in the station optimization, arrangement of website content updates, do the chain, the site diagnosis, do the high quality chain, looking for Links, traffic statistical analysis, ranking and analysis of traffic sources, to adjust the site, monitoring the site according to the search engine. The analysis of competitors, do data report writing scheme etc.. The network promotion work needs to be done is standing outside the promotion, on the site, your site B2B platform in the industry, such as classification of advertising platform website information, here relate to the work is boring, find a platform consolidation platform, registration, sorting, release of information, and sometimes as a customer service role, so again and again, to find and affect the potential customers.

don’t see a word to do work out, in fact, a lot of work to be done very fine. Every work is enough to toss, such as you find Links, such as collecting news material, such as hair’s high quality the chain, not to mention other work arranged by the company. If there is a chain of resources, some Internet experience, a lot of work to do a bit better. The light on the line? If not, just want to do the work, then carefully, if you want to improve, you must concentrate on a little. Focus what to do, since the work time lost, why not do in addition to work, their own to learn? Such as learning website optimization and Shanghai.


What should be done when confused novice website optimization

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