the same article, page structure in different website template, appearance design, the effect is not the same. For the reader, text the same content, different fonts, color settings and the overall layout is not the same for the readers attraction. Readers have such experience, sometimes into a website, see the website layout out of order, the text look uncomfortable, color is unreasonable, the power will not continue to go on. So, no matter how good the content is not attractive. To search engine, the text of the article is just one of the content of a page, in addition to the content of the text, but also contains many other content, for example, the extended reading, in the chain, the template content of its own, the reader comments content, as well as some readers do not see but exist in the contents of the code. These things together, it is the final version of the search engine to see.

Zhu Haitao’s article is also a lot of time on the Internet is spreading everywhere, the original has not been included, we just search a. This article take "from the media on the small Feng Dongyang Feng Yaozong against seemingly impossible odds, boring situation" for example, the pages are not my article

website, especially in the form of a blog, many webmaster is in the original article. Zhu Haitao is one of four months to write original articles, about hundreds of original. There is some truth in the original article: first, especially the new Adsense webmaster, no original article is difficult to form a fixed fan base second of its own: love Shanghai search engine more and more attention to the original article, especially the value of the original article. However, the reality is that the original thinking of webmasters become wishful thinking. You must have many webmaster feel depressed: why their ranking is far less than the original articles reprinted articles rankings, even more exasperating is that many of his article was reproduced after the ranking is very good, but the original article was not included. Here there are many reasons, may not be the only ranking of original and non original factors.

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2, the search engine in the eyes of readers and the

search engine in the eyes of the weight that is human in the eyes of the authority. The same words in the two different population say that the effect is not the same. This is like your website issued a press release on Sina and produced a news influence cannot be mention in the same breath. Every webmaster all know, the higher the weight of the website article was collected faster, easier to rank. As a personal blog, can produce content from the quantity and quality are not with big website weight naturally as far. No weight, the original article is difficult to have a good ranking, it sounds like a paradox, the principle is similar to Matthew effect. Of course, adhere to the long-term original website is goes up, but this process is sufficient to destroy most personal webmaster.


is 1, the website weight blame



The original article reproduced Shanghai search engine ranking as love to protect the original in pl

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