introduced according to this rule, not a few days, the webmaster forum on the abolition of the forum signature. This makes many webmaster forum members, has been a great impact. As a result, the website will lose a lot has been included in the search engine forum resources. Preliminary judging, websites will gradually drop the words. Then, the flow, the conversion rate will have the corresponding floating.

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the role of the chain is important, such as the effect of keyword ranking. Now, the effect of the chain is still important. So, we need to pay attention to it, put some irrational elements, integrated and effective, improved accordingly. This paper concerns: 贵族宝贝shop.xinhuacang贵族宝贝

1, the chain quality problems. Some of the previously released outside the chain, the content can be said to be uneven. Even, directly put content into the chain sections, will also have the corresponding effect. Therefore, for this, the network marketing managers should focus on. As far as possible so that the content has some readability, meet visitors’

according to this phenomenon, it can also be used forum to do outside the chain? Whether can also play the corresponding effect? At this point, it is focused on the problem of many network promotion. According to the search by foreign chain audit to increase the degree of hope is nothing more than the chain circle, can have certain rules, subject to appropriate restraint, and no longer as before.

2, outside the chain of quality problems. Just to a section of the forum, issued a corresponding information. Previously, the search engine to this approach, take the default attitude. But now there is a big difference on the degree of hair, strict audit. Therefore, network promotion, need to do is to go to the appropriate forum. Or, the weight of the high place forum, publish relevant information, improve the quality of the chain.

to imagine the network promotion, should go to the chain work from the two aspects:

do network promotion, will leave your site regularly to the forum, blog, and other local communities. Thus, it can increase the effect of the chain. In the beginning of the network, can indeed play a very good effect. But recently, the search engine algorithm in continuous evolution. Such as Shanghai launched a "chain of love" this judgment plan, improving the degree of foreign chain. On the contrary, some of the chain is not friendly, the implementation of a certain punishment.

Forum signature can continue as a network promotion way

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