2, we should do for visitors to the flat plain >

of course there are many other ways for us to dig!

then how can know what kind of content and visitors love to mining visitors interested in the topic of

The operation process of the

2, how to dig into the visitors interested in


1, we can do a related investigation for our visitors, the visitors do not have to be the investigation authority, similar to brainstorming.

1, prepared a headline, enough to attract visitors.

4, the use of staff and now a social network such as: micro-blog, WeChat and other concerned about our group of visitors, look at your potential visitors are concerned about what.

5, the love of Shanghai Search Ranking, Taobao ranking, Ali index on the platform to get the data needs of visitors.

site we can put the site as well, you want to feed so many people, so you will need to have enough depth. But now we can see a lot of sites in the process of operation is often to Shanghai dragon and Shanghai dragon, the site is still filled with some of the visitors are not interested in the content, and even some not related with the theme of the content, these practices are like net wells and soil, which polluted the water, also let yourself start no more depth. For the content of the site we are not just limited to my original, I was on a search engine friendly. We should do more of the content of the site to meet the needs of visitors. How to meet the needs of visitors to provide optimized content? The author thinks that we can find the answer from the analysis of the following three questions.

?The main elements of the

then how we write out the visitors interested in

Some of the potential demand for visitors to

3, how to write out the visitors interested in

2, can search in the search engine, and we need in-depth analysis of visitor’s needs and concerns.

we all know that the site content is nothing more than the text, images, audio, video. When our competitors also stay in the text, we can provide a combination of content for the visitors, but it can be a combination of many elements. If our competitors have more elements, we will do better than competitors more delicate. We should always remember that I have no people, I have excellent people. Of course, mainly in the editorial content, the author will talk about some details.


1, visitors love what


3, can through the inquiry platform and related industry forum to search the visitor’s questions, so as to find out the visitor wanted to know, then you are the integration of the relevant contents of this question.

Find out what the content from the three problem is the real demand to meet the visitors

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