low. Most bidding page has the defect, the flow is mostly purchased, no conversion, equal to burn, a project if has been burning, is at a loss, and that this project will not do, if you want to do is return on investment than under normal circumstances can do.

This article is mainly about


, 2 pages open slow

this is a common problem, maybe a lot of bidding words are analyzed from the product keywords and Related words, in fact, you need more long term, more accurate and more long tail, not just the transformation of high flow.

page is not attractive enough to clinch a deal page

may I say "slow, you are not aware of it, but in fact, this problem is the problem of more than 50% play but the price of your visit, fast, do not feel, can not represent all the customer’s speed is fast enough, can be the same speed and you open the page.


100% were cheats But the price of any

99% this bidding page, which did not change the bidding page rate reached more than 30%, the entire industry rarely has this kind of situation, relatively common is 1% or less, if you can reach 5%, it is already a miracle.

about the precise flow, from love of Shanghai know all products and product related problems such as keywords function, flow is more accurate, but also from the related products official website, forum and industry forums to find the user in the questions, this is the most accurate word conversion.



traffic is not accurate

if you can allow customers to read this page after you fully believe what is expressed, the transaction becomes very simple, only need to give preferential or finishing touches, sweetness, Ok.


4 rapid increase conversion method:

3, turnover is not enough to attract the

just brother play in the past but the price of the project, also have this problem, a month, a waste of tens of thousands of pieces, this is not caused by experience, if considering the actual loss, can also add 5 times, only the input, without report, minus the bidding cost minus the actual should business income, the experience of failure than want to pay a higher price.

traffic is not accurate

why? We get rid of those problems above, the reason why customers don’t buy only one, is not enough to believe you, the transaction is the core of trust, if enough trust, your price, the actual product is good, it is not so important.

to play, as long as the page do, must do a N measure, with software testing, let friends or QQ circle of different people to help you speed, make sure everyone can access quickly, cannot pause or catu is like, it is.

, 2 pages open slow

The conversion of

4 100% page secret bidding transaction!

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