first, talk about technology upgrades. Shanghai Dragon technology is a systematic project, not only in the content is king, the chain for the emperor’s optimization, this is only the primary stage of optimization. If you want to become a higher level of Shanghai dragon ER, it should be a careful analysis of the working principle of the website code and search engine spiders, to carry out the level of code website optimization, so that it can by simplifying the website code, to search and capture spider love Shanghai. Only the basic work is mastered, can promote the rapid promotion of effective website ranking. But the work often requires solid basic skills, so I want to become a real Shanghai dragon ER, it would be hard to learn the operating principle of search engines.

second, continue to accumulate experience. That is to say when they have the code level optimization theory and skills deep, also need to be verified by a lot of practice, but also need to build a team of Shanghai dragon optimization, optimization of the unified arrangement, because the code is optimized base foundation of a building, and content optimization and.

Write and publish

Shanghai Longfeng ER as Internet emerging occupation, frequently in many Webmaster Platform out hundreds of thousands of annual salary, let many practitioners seem to see the future direction of development, but now in the workplace successful Shanghai Longfeng workers is less, because Shanghai dragon itself is a technology and will have a very high request. If only in accordance with the love of Shanghai search engine optimization guide to Shanghai dragon optimization, that can only belong to the entry stage, want to get high salary nature hard, a Google senior Shanghai Longfeng engineer, except deep system software programming and system architects and smart language skilled knowledge, we still need a lot of practice operation, will it be possible to become the top Shanghai dragon, so from the current market unpopular Shanghai Longfeng recruitment, more belong to Shanghai Longfeng grassroots workers.

most workers mainly engaged in Shanghai Longfeng work outside chain construction, suitable Shanghai Longfeng optimized content, there are a small number of workers will be involved in Shanghai dragon website structure optimization, function upgrade etc.. In this context, nature will make a lot of business leaders that Shanghai Dragon technology content is not high, because the threshold is very low, some newly graduated students can handle, so naturally it is difficult to give Shanghai Longfeng workers offer higher wages.

and the optimization site through the way, the ranking of the site can not be improved rapidly, so that business leaders will think of Shanghai Longfeng workers did not bring much profit to the enterprise, and now the design of compensation basically is a combination of many enterprises and the post phase contribution. If this were Shanghai Longfeng work, is obviously very difficult to get higher wages.

if you want to upgrade Shanghai dragon ER salary, so it is necessary to practice their own technology, and continue to accumulate their own experience, and these two points for many Shanghai Longfeng ER is undoubtedly a very painful process.

Shanghai dragon ER success more difficult to enhance pay attention two points

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