today’s hottest topic than micro Amoy and WeChat 5 on the line, a start at 0 points, an afternoon at about 3, so far, the social media finally fall electricity supplier.

After the introduction of

micro Amoy, which Taobao and micro-blog exchange account is Taobao owner multi platform promotion procedure "in the future, as long as a link to Taobao is a micro-blog, Taobao micro-blog free sellers can sell things to do publicity, buyers can also through micro-blog directly into the Taobao page to buy in this point Taobao seems very excited.

at the same time, WeChat 5 line, the new game center, payment function, the expression store and scanning bar code and other functions, which increase the payment function, seems to indicate what is the layout of the Tencent. Perhaps the next version after the introduction, you will awaken, WeChat is not for the pure exchange was born, its mission is to become the Ma Huateng electricity supplier in the way of a feeling of exaltation upon fulfillment.

is no layout micro Amoy and WeChat 5 of the electricity business what effect, but from the perspective of social media, who is also the biggest injury? Yes, that is still unknown to the user. Social media because of its free characteristics, has become the social individual leisure and entertainment venues, not in the hand of Ali micro-blog, when WeChat was WeChat, the majority of social media users are happy, they can relax here, here, here to harvest the imagination, to play here, but now an open, micro-blog, WeChat, overwhelming the information that is such a promotion, overwhelming, "this is a user of our social networking platform, micro-blog Taobao version appears clearly is hard to push advertising to us, watching TV advertising can meet for Taiwan. In the micro-blog ads you have no place to change impossible to guard against, for." A micro-blog user tucao.

so, in this game, who is a stroke above


for Taobao sellers, Sina micro-blog Taobao version is a big positive. But for Sina micro-blog itself, but weakened its own media properties, so that they become a large and beautiful said, the final overdraft is their users. The WeChat 5 is concerned, there is a street scan function added features, although the link with the store is not open, but can be expected, when the link once opened, WeChat properties will change the


housekeeper e-businessapplication (366EC) as the best electricity supplier service providers, in helping thousands customers to build a business platform, and after the successful operation, concluded that the user experience should not only focus on end users, it is more important to pay attention to user experience and feelings, only to help users to directly their users, in order to achieve a virtuous cycle of development of the electricity supplier closed loop. Micro Amoy and WeChat 5 of the game, I believe that WeChat’s deployment strategy is just a manifestation of this point of the 5. Where WeChat 5 weakened public accounts, is intentionally in >

Social media electricity supplier dispute Micro Amoy and WeChat 5 game