accept failure characteristics

features of 3- master suffering

the reasons for the success of thousands, but the reason for the failure of so few. Not to have experienced a failure of Shanghai dragon ER, we will not really understand their own what direction to go, do not know how to reflect; only experienced people who fail to know where to go. At this point, has occurred in many Shanghai dragon and Internet industry predecessors who, they are such a step by step, because they dare to face the failure, it made today’s achievements.

good at summing up characteristicsThe

master 4-

in Shanghai Longfeng industry and the majority of the industry, is one of the few people to eat meat, most people drink soup industry. Have to admit that there are many successful people in Shanghai dragon industry, like ZAC, Wang Tong, only these predecessors, that Shanghai dragon industry still has a future, the key is to do the fine. Here I share some common features of Shanghai dragon master body:

said the focus is a simple, it’s hard to do things, to do a good job in Shanghai Longfeng must devote to this industry, do not try. If you just want to do a good job in Shanghai Longfeng, then you are based in the Shanghai dragon industry opportunities are very slim; if you must do so in Shanghai Shanghai dragon, dragon industry you can certainly succeed. Focus on Shanghai dragon, we must do a good job in every detail, to lay a good foundation.

Internet, the number of Shanghai dragon industry continues to increase. With some new World mentality, many Shanghai dragon ER is by some rhetorical and propaganda slogans, began to enter the Shanghai dragon industry, but with the slowly contact Shanghai Longfeng, doing the daily repetitive and mechanical things, slowly began to complain, to Shanghai dragon industry has lost confidence and power forward.

on the success of many, Chen Anzhi said that the successful people never give up, never give up success; this sentence in the Shanghai dragon industry in suits, because Shanghai dragon in this industry is one of the most need patience and perseverance in the industry, "a serious operation site for more than three years, it is hard to avoid making money" this saying is good, only insist to do Shanghai Longfeng, successful operation site.

Master Progress of

master 2-

site of the Shanghai dragon optimization can be divided into four basic steps: problem analysis problem solving – problem summary. The general process of beginners in the operation of the site, will encounter such problems, but these problems not only can we stick to the past, we need to continue the analysis, to solve these problems, starting from our own site to find defects, summarize the problems do avoid such problems happen again. Only constant progress and summary, can be called a qualified Shanghai.

feature of 1- focus on

n order to become Shanghai dragon master must have 5 basic characteristics

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