sites do the importance of the quality of the chain no trivial matter. We often do the chain, such as blog, forum is more popular now, micro-blog is also included, is also good. For the chain forum, looking for high quality outside the chain, we can find the higher the weight of the forum, or the corresponding product forum, etc., should be targeted, such as local station site, can do outside the chain, but 5, at least 4 to ensure effective, there is a failure it is, in short, to be effective, not for quantity and quality, do the chain, you must first understand the quality not quantity. A good quality of the chain, bring your income is far greater than the number of junk chain.

I remember doing a product links, there have been linked to mistakes, do Links outside the chain, then is to read an article, said Links is very important to do as much as possible. At that time mainly do website Links. But in the process of doing, and paid no attention to the other side of the site is K off. So after a lot of thought to complete the Links, causing my site affected, be right down. Overnight, so you are blind. After analysis, it was because of the friends of the chain out of the question. So there is no way, can only remove the other problematic links, and slowly restore love Shanghai right down. After a month of time, the weight of the website to recover. After the incident, summed up, do Links chain, we must pay attention to the website of the other side is right down, is not to be K, after careful investigation, to make Links, be safe. Otherwise, the painful experience will make you even have no chance to cry.

Find the

of the chain has been a technology must master Shanghai dragon staff, said the reason is because the technology, and to find the chain is not so easy. Not to mention made of the high quality of the chain. The same person, do the same to a site outside the chain, at the same site, the chain effect made out are not the same. So, do the high quality the chain is very important, some of the garbage outside the chain, the effect is very small, some can also destroy your website, so we in the chain, also need to be careful, must not be heavy quantity, not quality. As long as the good quality of the chain, only a good method to look for the chain resources, links to resources will you Everfount.

for the blog links, we still recommend to maintain a good blog the most important, so the blog of the weight of your maintenance up, then you send the chain of quality would be relatively improved a lot, it’s your own blog, your voice is more active, not external in other people’s blog chain so passive.

also need to share with you is looking for high quality outside the chain, we can love Shanghai of your product, or is your love Shanghai related websites, they look at the opponent is the chain in what place do, links to the row in front of what type of website, this website to find from competitors the chain, after looking into, you will.

The quality of the chain like quality assets can double the optimization effect

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