see "site optimization proposal" proposal of self-examination for a long time, before the trust also swept away, the result is to fulfill the task, do website optimization personnel every day must be done in strict accordance with the A5 station network in Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis team (贵族宝贝.Admin5贵族宝贝/topic- Shanghai.Html Shanghai dragon dragon) to perform the optimization the "proposal" proposal to the site, in the first half a month did not see much improvement, the site only included increased slightly, snapshot, website keywords >

talked about the A5 station network of Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis team results, he does not believe that they really have the strength to let us have a good website ranking at first, but at that time under the pressure of the boss, you can only die straws when, after all, I don’t want to leave to the identity of the losers, so their pocket, found them. Fortunately, the price is not high, otherwise, they are not afford the money, after all, this thing can not disturb the boss, because I don’t want to make him feel incompetent, looking for outsiders to help, so their teeth to teeth, he must not fail, otherwise their money is too blame but, fortunately, a few days after their website after the comprehensive diagnosis for my "website optimization proposal" let me be startled at myself, do website optimization And every day in front of it, how I haven’t found the site had so many problems?

found the problem of course is to solve, how to solve these problems are listed in the "proposal" in the website optimization is very clear, how should do, how long will it take to recover this writing is also very clear. Honestly, I really do for Shanghai dragon who is not qualified, they found a lot of a busy day is useless, because the basic problem of website of its own existence, they are not ready, and how, website can in many websites ranked far ahead? Obviously we cannot all day complaining about the search engine is not fair, why others also want to site in front of you, they certainly have some advantages, than you do a good website, this is not to be questioned.

no matter what type of enterprise do its own website, and recruited a dedicated people to do site optimization, then it must be to make your site in the search engine has a good ranking, we can see that the enterprise into effective customer and let more people through the search engine, believe it is the enterprise boss to see. But in the fierce competition, want to site in the search engine has a good ranking of each industry are easier said than done, there are very competitive, therefore, although some owners have very hard, but still did not reach the expected goal site in the search engine did not search, the boss has repeatedly put pressure on. In no skill can find under the A5 station network of Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic team, now has more than two months, let’s watch what effect?

Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis Web site keywords ranking and no ByeBye

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