algorithm is not everything, the user experience is king

many people are engaged in Shanghai dragon just spend all day in the forum, blog, learning how to Shanghai dragon website, but not really to do Shanghai dragon, in fact this is a wrong understanding, Shanghai dragon.

2: link exchange only PR

1: the

do not know what time from the beginning of the emergence of a lot of "master", when the keyword rankings change, in the forum, blog and other jumped out to shout "update algorithm". These so-called "master" remarks seem really important, in fact as long as you seriously think, will find that these are some myths. As one of the major search engines, will modify the algorithm so frequently? Search engine modification algorithm is mainly for a more friendly user experience and reduce Er Shanghai dragon cheating. Even if there is a change in many years of experience in Shanghai dragon Er can easily infer the search engine algorithm. As a real dragon and Shanghai not just for the algorithm, we should continue to improve the user experience aspects, because the real purpose of the Shanghai dragon.

in the webmaster or Shanghai dragon Er daily site operation, we often through the website, blog, on his access to Shanghai Longfeng information or knowledge, but we absorb the knowledge they have seriously think this view is not correct. There are some wrong thoughts not only will make our work in the same place, or even cause the search engine dissatisfaction caused by search engine punishment, then we need to see through the fog, the nature of the Shanghai dragon. Here I want to share a few easy to make mistakes in our daily optimization, we hope to help understand the Shanghai dragon.

do not know if you have not had this experience, when the exchange chain, many webmaster is obsessed with the size of PR. In fact, with the launch of Google Chinese market, PR is already to do site for Chinese chicken ribs, its influence is more and more low. On the contrary the weight of love Shanghai is becoming more and more important. In fact, even if your site PR is very high, but in the snapshot, included, ranking is not good, that is not what the. Indeed when we exchange chain, some sites of high PR, high quality together, because the search engine algorithm is similar, is to improve the user experience for the main purpose. So, in the Google ranking, ranking good may also love Shanghai. I will have good rankings included site to a web site and site quality can also change the link, but the reply is my PR is too low, the spot directly depressed, think this is a rookie webmaster estimates, only for a PR. PR is a small reference value, hope you don’t just focus on the PR website and ignore other information.

3: don’t need too much theory, you need to practice

Shanghai dragon see the essence through the fog

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