many new Shanghai dragon industry people will ask the site optimization technology where, what needs to be done, and for the veterans, many of them probably have infiltrated "secrets". Website optimization usually nothing to do original content update and the chain construction is the website, Guangzhou website – South Netscape that chain construction for the website optimization, not for quantity, quality is required, the chain quality is good and much is what we want.

two, B2B website: such as HC, Chinese manufacturing network, the Alibaba, a hundred responses to a single call to release information, the full use of their resources, for example, company introduction, product recommendation and so on, anyway as long as relevant, can be used as far as possible to use, like Alibaba, blog, forum, shops and so on, as long as it is and the products are used.

The Six,

blog: such as NetEase, Sohu, Sina, and so do the chain through the blog, to let the blog has been included, improve the weights of the blog, the chain of hair is easy to be included. The chain blog, although it can be operated by themselves, but in dealing with the blog just like your own web site, often need to update it.

chain construction outside the chain of resources, where the chain is the effect? We need to do when the chain will slowly accumulate and analyzed, the chain resources accumulation is very important, especially the professional website of Shanghai dragon, often with a new single, need to do you don’t have to go to the chain, the chain resources, analysis of their weight. Guangzhou website – South Netscape presently summarizes some chain resources, for everyone to share:

four, Links platform: go9go, Adsense help, release site information on these platforms, can not only have the chain, also can promote your website, search for Links.

, a network of information, such as 58 city, ganji贵族宝贝, can go to love Shanghai search, there are many such classified information network, information and their related in place, and when the information to your own web site, so the chain of correlation is relatively good.

five, network favorites: such as good net network favorites, music collection network favorites.


finally, personally think that the chain of local information network no matter there is no other website so high weight, but at least.

seven, the analysis of the competition situation of the chain: This is relatively important, since it is a competitor to know something to them when they take advantage of competition and. Some of them we have to do the chain.

Forum: such as Tianya, love Shanghai Post Bar, the forum has a variety of forums, usually together with the same hobby or a common topic of people will gather to discuss related issues or information in the forum, the forum has almost all sites in the signature, signature plus keywords, company name and links.

Site optimization need to pay attention to the chain resources accumulation

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