if you are a business owner, read here, I want to say is: Shanghai dragon website promotion, is a long-term process, often need a few more, even at.

three: short – and long-term development planning

in many enterprises, an on-line website received the "love Shanghai promotion" call, recommends that companies choose to love Shanghai auction, get a better ranking effect. But: click on a few dollars, but let more enterprises repeatedly complain, some websites or even a month in Shanghai on the bidding cost million.


if you are a person in charge of the enterprise, if your company is really going to the transformation of online marketing, this article will help you take some detours, at least, some will pay less tuition, like any company early start, will pay all fees. Of course, if you really rich, can ignore this article.

what is the natural search? Is not to need to do bidding can also have a ranking of search results, most of the sites are also relying on natural search. Do natural search technology called "Shanghai dragon optimization", or "website optimization". The subdivision is divided into "Keywords: outsourcing", and create a similar A5 marketing in the 2010 "Shanghai dragon diagnostic services".

two: ranking can also be a natural search

in Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis clients, a responsible person said: "the boss does not know Shanghai dragon, a target crazy, not ah, can you help me to tell the boss?" in fact, the key problem is the boss really do not understand Shanghai dragon.

: a rational choice of love Shanghai

I want to say is: the fundamental reason is the promotion of Shanghai red choose love: selective mistakes, not all of the products of the word and click conversion rate is equal, not all people click into is a "desire to buy". But this time, some suggestions for "love Shanghai bidding optimization company to bid word planning analysis, though it will take a little money to buy the service, but it is far lower than the consumption price. Of course, you can also search for "love Shanghai love Shanghai bidding optimization" with a lot of knowledge to learn.

for outsourcing enterprises only need to spend money to solve, is equivalent to the decoration of the house, only need to spend money not to worry about.

for Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis, for example is said to go to the hospital the patient, do not need to buy medicine directly to the hospital, the hospital opened a prescription, patients can go to it. On the website of speaking is: enterprises have their own website team.

both choose which is more suitable for outsourcing? Keywords: belong to long-term pay, while Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis, belongs to a one-time payment, in accordance with the implementation of technology transfer, will be long-term stable ranking.

A5 marketing online marketing business transformation indispensable knowledge

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