3, link to the entrance of

Keywords Keywords

2, correlation recognition,

website optimization is to let the specified keywords to get a good ranking, which is the core keywords ranking factors? I believe that many webmaster to worry about this issue. In the website optimization friends, the first thing to go to work is not to look at your web site keywords ranking is not falling off, what is the reason, or what is the reason that many people should be not very clear, want a keyword ranking home to know the influence of core ranking factors, as long as you know and we are not aiming at these factors to optimize, to improve, to ascend, so I will know what is useful or not useful, clear direction, looking for less detours, the effect will be better, the ranking will naturally come up. Here too wordy for a long time, I believe that we do not know what factors, followed by the Zhongshan website optimization clear blogger blog, share the core factors that affect the keywords ranking for everyone, mainly in the following 5 points:

data (4, stay, come out and visit, hidden)

, is to guide the search engine to the page, a link to the entrance, which is specified in the direction, let search engine easy to page, the main optimization is the code, concise code, smooth the path to improve the loading speed of the page, the search engine grab difficulty, follow the link to the search engines to crawl, an entrance.


1, the position, including degree of

Links to Keywords

website cannot do without the support of data, understand the site visit, did not know what to do next. As long as the installation of the website on statistical tools, residence time, bounce rate, return at a glance from the residence time can understand the comprehensive score of each page; the bounce rate to understand the correlation between the keyword and the page out rate shows low correlation; the return of old customers, the content is valuable, keywords and page correlation high; recessive, is not to see, if the site long time not open, "Trojan horse"

Analysis of

a page to get rankings, first understand the content of the website and the title of the match, and the best position for keyword appears in the title, and the title page should contain keywords, to describe the contents around the keywords, the same word spread around the key links.

these three factors directly affect the keywords ranking, everything is around the keywords, the related degree high is high quality page to page ranking; recognition, to search engine, the love is the text, because it can identify, for the picture, JS, video is not recognized, then you need to do the optimization cannot identify the picture alt attribute, describe the picture said to the content, different images have different attributes, the same attribute is cheating; JS, screen optimization, in order to let search engines page recognition;

Key factors influencing the site keywords ranking

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