Zhang Zhiyong said here that the site’s home, when I talk to him at the time, he probably sold more than 40000 ads above, below ten thousand or twenty thousand, I said a month I give you fifty thousand dollars to buy this good time? He doesn’t do it, because he did CPS earn money later, so he has been doing CPS rather than we do advertising for him. The site of CPS is better, but the requirement is very high. Here I just take a psychology website, this psychological website, we see his website ranking, he is 102195, this ranking I think IP should be less than one thousand. He sold some psychology books, the monthly income of about four thousand or five thousand, and he said the truth does not need to do their own logistics, also do not need to do their own warehouse, hang a link with a few books, may visit a very small amount. He is a foreign language website, he called the New South Korean network, is also a professional station, Liu is still low volume, high income, his advertising may not be too much, there is a bookshop navigation above, it will list the South Korean books. This is a fan site, this is one of Zhou Bichang’s official website, dangdang once Zhou Bichang CD’s promotion, we take the initiative to find him, when he put an advertisement on his website, he is the income of over a million fans, this thing, especially the super girl website very the unbelievable. There is also a novel stand, he should say this form, in fact, I personally not too recognized form, targeted and professional, or matching is not very high.

see you again, following the first two boats to share some knowledge about foreign Wangzhuan, every day there are issues related to many of my friends advice, some foreign Wangzhuan master to discuss cooperation, and some new friends, and the market operation process of individual friends do not even understand foreign Wangzhuan, but no matter what kind of friends boats is a warm reception, after all we know is fate, maybe one day the two sides will have the opportunity to cooperate.

this two days a friend revealed a foreign advertising and receivables, the alliance is a veteran foreign advertising, reputation is very good, but some time ago by EMU dying, so now almost no what people do. The loan was also surprised, the friend, each number has done 200 knives, a total of 10 numbers, a moonlight, this alliance on the steady entry of $2000, and its entry only less than half a year.

of course there are also individual friends relatively poor execution resources on that are not willing to work, think a month before so boring a few hundred – thousand knife, not knowing the master without a monthly income of tens of thousands of knife from the knife is not started. Money does not earn a lot of money or not, if you are a novice, then I suggest you are flying from zero to slowly accumulate, not what all those old people who is outsourcing, after all, on this line are well aware of the situation. It took two days to do station and install the virtual machine of these basic work, several new boats came to the two or three day fix, have a friend even breath made several stops and more beautiful, also is provided with boats PA stations. I think there is such a good attitude, to perform such a strong mechanical half down, do not take a month or more $one thousand or two thousand that is really not a justice.

            I agree with this statement, in my last article on the 07 "new way" is the site return the way, actually we do stand when it should be combined with traditional industry to do, people use the network to actually or to the reality of product sales, so we combine to do small can do big profits, a professional 100IP station, with you the direction to do the sales of the products, can do the same month.

so we are not afraid not afraid of no good way, before the execution, which is the reason the boats stronger foreign Wangzhuan execution. You have to take some time to find good resources, a month’s money on top of the others for a year.

in the 4 years of foreign boats do Wangzhuan, almost all kinds of people have seen, what impressed me most is a pair of young couples. The two is half a year ago after a real friend introduced to boats of learning, before working in a shoe factory in Guangdong over there, feel no future, and later learned foreign Wangzhuan after learning to resign, the boats take time every day to their online counseling. At the beginning, the woman was responsible for standing and checking mail, male testing tasks, and now the station has been completely outsourced out, while testing tasks while operating. Before the boats told them of a European Union, received 8 this month, nearly 200 euros each. It wasn’t much, but it was much higher than the couple’s salary, and the two were planning to open the studio.

            I focus on buyren or the last summer vacation, I was learning to do the station has been a year, although the income is not how, but still can deal with their own living expenses and tuition fees. But then do basically is rubbish station, not what passion, feel lost, that is when the Shenzhen union a friend introduced me to buyren, I called this form to be a reference station. So I began to pay close attention to his station and network marketing this development, although to now have not opened such a station, but I now stand basically all have some CPS advertising. All right, let’s get down to business.

also want to do Wangzhuan full-time about this matter, because the boats according to years of experience, a person under too much pressure to learn Wangzhuan or even other skills.

Talk about the website profit problem about Buyren Zhang Zhiyong new opportunity for stationmaster t

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