is the stone, most of the articles before the site are also related with the stone, basically every article or title, or content, more or less will appear several times of stone. Around April and May, two: the long tail word mining method and the benefits of scrapping scrapping (website selling stone scraping board). So every update of the article began to close the scraping, there is nearly no stone. So, now the bittersweet. Hi, stable scraping method in the first, the benefits of scraping in the top three fluctuations. While the other about scrapping many words, have a good ranking. But the tragedy is that the main keyword "stone" and other stone Related words, ranking is a problem. The author believes that in June after the adjustment, the website content correlation between the influence of the rankings again promoted. A job so I going to do is to increase the stone updates, after all the web site is to do the stone, the stone of the rankings is the top >

After the June Shanghai earthquake The subject station "Bian extraction net"

: the first original content closely the main keywords

love, we discuss the most is love, Shanghai ranking mechanism began to close to the user experience. On the one hand, the user experience is the site design, on the one hand is the content of the web site. I am not the art and technical background, in this place can not give much advice, so the content. Before you know, the search engine on the original, the original friendly, no doubt, but there are still a lot of Shanghai dragon Er I complain, each article is original, why keyword ranking is not high. The previous ranking stable, I can’t study, recently fluctuating, research that is not high ranking or decline, with original content about whether closely the main keywords.

in the first half of this year has been studying Shanghai Longfeng, accept an electronic commerce station, half down, mixed. At the beginning, very strong power, is also very interested, especially a few months ago at the ranking rising keywords continues to increase, the increased flow of inner joy is unparalleled.

two days to see a lot of articles, organize ideas, draw some how to stabilize and improve the keywords ranking idea, or incorrect, statements of a school, I hope you know. (title, influence keywords ranking of the domain name server, keyword density, code optimization is not discussed in this article.


love June Shanghai earthquake, spread to many websites, and my ranking is still stable, then began to Shanghai, not to regard it as right. In my mind, nothing more than the Shanghai dragon chain chain + + + friendly code original content. But in July, the main keywords ranking not stable, fluctuating in first love Shanghai home, for more than a week, beginning in the first five pages of the search wave. Study on more than a week, to more than a week, this situation continues today, I realized that my understanding of Shanghai Longfeng problems.

How to stabilize and improve the keywords ranking

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