in our analysis of the way I feel it is generally analysis PR analysis included in the site and the reverse link, and domain name registration time from these aspects to determine the quality of the site he, it’s true, but we often ignore the website content and more to the new frequency, general search engine see this site is people management, even if we stop all are good, but it has no more than 1 years of people management, no update, ranking will certainly not good, it may be some error analysis.

third: the optimization level of the site, whether this will really optimization, we all know optimization methods and structure good, certainly can get more recognition engine, if our indicators are better than him, it may be the station optimization problem.

: the first site is updated every day, whether the original content.

: the first site while the design is not good, but the content of the website is mostly original or updated frequently, often see the site general rankings are not very good, he added that some search engines don’t love factors in looking at the same time, the structure he did reasonably simple, we stand to enrich the content, so good, but often browsing and search engine can’t find something.

‘s website is not to determine the basic factors of the external links of good or bad, we have to see his quality, good quality links to one of the top ten, or even hundreds, so we must not stand their good rankings. Of course, the number is sure to explain a problem, but it is not absolute.

More than The number of

second: domain name registration of the site for a long time, the old station usually said, the weight of the general search engine with their very high, but the indicators are not too good, but he really is very senior, this station general ranking will be.

second: website link number

when we are in the analysis of whether a good website that is rubbish station, if our analysis is no problem, in general they rank not better than us, or how well, it only shows that more engine is not normal, or that their website really excels, generally this is the case.

first, we want to determine whether before we analyze the problem of a good web site as a dumpster.

is now ranked the algorithm we really have no way to analyze, sometimes I am really confused, don’t know what to do, I think his site should not be in front of me, but he is in the front row, I think this way will be optimized but on the contrary, sometimes is really a search engine problems, but most of them are not doing our own, although their indicators are not as we stand, but perhaps only then one or two better than us, is this two, he was in front of us, I will analyze what is this two.

Why waste station can in front of us

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