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the lower right corner of the window advertising advertising is one of the many sites of love, because the show rate so the click rate is high, naturally let the main site that they put it.

from Shanghai love update algorithm is not difficult to see that the existence of low quality bad advertising video, games, movies, entertainment, medical and other industries of the owners will complain incessantly, because the love of Shanghai made clear in this paper, the ecological environment from the Internet, some low quality advertising was flooded with more and more websites, this trend has seriously affected the search engine respect user experience is the inexorable law, so what is the low quality and inferior advertisement? To the author of the pomegranate algorithm understanding, the following screenshots of similar ads for low quality and bad advertising:

from the front 2 be sure to determine low quality and inferior advertisement, the advertisement behind the medical industry, it is not clear whether also belong to this column, if this column belongs to it, then it will be a devastating blow to the medical industry site.

using the JS code pop websites are generally worthy of the name of the rogue website, because he not only affect the user experience, and may also make the user’s computer under attack.

pomegranate algorithm!The first !

addition, love Shanghai also specifically stated the pomegranate algorithm on the line, the low quality and no less advertising popups quality of website ranking will be improved, of course, the premise is the main content of value. And the contrary is bad, a lot of confusion with pop page main content spam website ranking will fall sharply. The author of this remind such Webmaster: distance love Shanghai officially launched the pomegranate algorithm as well as a week, this week must seize the time to deal with this kind of advertising, or will be adjusted


medical industry website consultation window advertising, the advertising window is an important platform for communication and website visitors, but because it is an open page will pop up, and follow the page scroll floating, some still can’t shut off or shut in is open.

!This is

May 17th love Shanghai Webmaster Platform released an article titled: "the pomegranate algorithm – low quality page terminator" article, the article pointed out that the love of Shanghai will be updated in a week after the pomegranate on-line algorithm, and this update algorithm is mainly for those with bad advertisements interfere with the user’s normal browsing the pages, especially in confusion a large number of low-quality pop pop ads, the main content of the page spam page is the representative of the site, containing such ads will be some adjustments, this is another major action from the last love Shanghai love Shanghai Scindapsus throw algorithm, to be self-evident, that all is in order to enhance the user experience

Love Shanghai pomegranate algorithm on-line soon, are you ready

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