in Shanghai dragon who did not know the importance of the original article today, many websites even spawned a new industry – to write the original article. We have all seen many ads in the Shanghai dragon forum or website, write original articles, each 2 yuan and so on, which illustrates the importance of the original article and uniqueness. In my opinion, the original article must have the following characteristics:

3, the view of

4, the end of the paper summary. A high quality original article, must have a good ending, this is why many people often say, write the beginning and the end must be written, the middle part of the truth can be. At the end of the article is not only a summary of the discourse, more is to write around the narrative of the problem, such as router write characteristics, excellent editors will write the current router at the end of the overall market situation and existing problems etc..

. All have their own unique views on anything written, such as writing characteristics of a product, is from product performance, compared to similar products, product advantage and so on contrast and write their own ideas. On the road of rice network, are the characteristics of the product to the router, if just copy others write the content, love Shanghai spider will think you stand without the actual content, since there is no actual content is no longer necessary to grasp, the natural love of spiders in Shanghai left collecting or false original impression, light fall right; serious, direct K station.

The uniqueness of the

short, to write a good article, personally think that to follow the above.

2, the rational. Write an essay as to speak, methodical and logical, structured refers to ideas, such as writing a person or a thing from top to bottom, from the inside to the outside of his right, let people look comfortable, be closely around the title of the article narrates, Qiebukedongla Xiche, don’t write without content. When the segment segment, the mark must indicate punctuation. The logic is more abstract, refers to the concept of definition should be clear, accurate, clear system, self consistent content, the order of things, this is clear, appropriate, with philosophy. Spiders crawl also should follow this rule.

said the high quality articles, the first people to think of the original, the original is 100% of the original, with their experience a little bit accumulated. The second is the readability of the article, even if there is no originality, readability is not known as a high quality original article, at most, just to make digital text only. Following small to rice road network as an example, to explain what is the high quality original article


1, the title of the. Spiders first grab is the title of the article, if found spider grab the title of the article and love Shanghai database most consistent or similar title, will be considered pseudo original, naturally not high quality.


How to write high quality original articles

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