don’t limit and make the key word to do index, small index keyword can do the same for thousands of traffic. Analysis of the website I found here, this website love love Shanghai station show included six pages, actually only three pages, but every day from the sea to flow through love love station analysis, traffic in about four thousand to five thousand, and there are other search engines, and other traffic sources.

This flow is the most accurate ratio of



you don’t just put the eyes on high traffic keywords, keyword small as promising. Don’t just rely on the acquisition, one will easily fall collection software is just lazy, auxiliary. And not to use one hundred percent in all sites. Many people want to use the acquisition, millions of data acquisition for high flow, then? Is K off, and the input and output is not equal. Some accurate than choice of small flow keywords to do some single page website.

domain name registered just a few days, Shanghai dragon’s performance is not very good, because I did not do not promote the chain. Why did I choose wangpansousuo. The domain name com, this is the first one of the four pieces of domain name; secondly he is a precise keyword again; itself some natural flow though not much. SkyDrive search index is the key to love Shanghai nearly one thousand, as long as this keyword this website cost on the back, and certainly have profit.

today without copyright: 贵族宝贝jinriwumi贵族宝贝

ip/PV high, production site is also very simple to use, noble baby custom search. The following is my imitation of the two days of data, how you can see for yourself.




Today no rice break through the limitations of single page station also can be detonated flow

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