Bing for Schools will be officially launched later this year, so today Microsoft stressed that the company is still in the first edition of Bing for Schools will determine which function. Microsoft will be free to participate in this spontaneous plan schools and school districts to provide this kind of search engine. Bing behavioral scientist Matt · Warrior Te (Matt Wallaert) said: "we believe that through this plan we will be able to create the best possible search experience for children."

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Bing for Schools will also bind many short courses, teachers and staff can use these programs to teach and search and Common basic Core digital literacy. Common Core called Common Core State Standards, "the common core state standards in education", is a common standard used by the American education system.

technology news Beijing time on June 25th morning news, Microsoft on Monday released their version of Bing search engine (Bing) Bing for Schools, the target user is a student in the United states.

the student version of Bing search engine suitable for kindergarten children to high school students, this version removes all the ads, because Microsoft believes that the school is "learning rather than sales places". In addition, Bing adult content filtering function in afeSearch will be in accordance with the most stringent set of automatic configuration, and modify the student cannot change back to the original settings. Microsoft also said that the Bing for privacy protection function Schools will have some other enhanced, but the function has not yet been finalized.

industry pointed out that from the international view, Google for its engaged in the education sector in the work and reputation, so Microsoft also want to show a similar spirit of benevolence is not surprising. The students in the classroom using software and web sites often in their graduation is a custom method to find the information, so Bing for Schools can also be seen as an investment in the future. Bing search engine from Google search engine is still a long way to go to catch up with, but for Microsoft, the launch of the Bing for Schools is another one of the measures taken to win the public attention. (Tang Feng

Microsoft released their version of Bing search engine

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