and Shanghai No. 6.27 release love Shanghai bidding update is to enhance the user experience, it is better to say that love is in Shanghai in order to better secure their monopoly position in the market.

In addition to the previously published Love


June 27, 2013, love Shanghai operations, business audit management department, marketing department and commercial products for all users without bidding issued "V customer promotion costs to enhance the proportion of the increase notice".

why do you say, there is definitely a reason.

was the first to enhance the user experience to protect the interests of Internet users, which is used as a highly reliable search engine in some of the requirements of product quality and market moral requirements. Enhancement can better retain the existing huge market share in this area; secondly in the face of huge commercial value of the search engine the interests of space, more and more enterprises or individuals engaged in love Shanghai bidding agent or generation operations, for the interests of great love to Shanghai auction of commercial value in the Tencent Sogou soso, look at fiercely as a tiger does. 360 search and Google search engine began to discount. Recently there have been other search engine cooperation news from the side of love Shanghai face many opponents and very powerful, 360 search Google, Sogou 360 with a message, let Chinese search engine users constantly know there are many can use search engines. If you love Shanghai auction market cannot have a stable and healthy development in the premise of ensuring the user experience of the market environment, with the click of the cost of upgrading, reduce the commercial value of the same period, the number of users in Shanghai believe that love will own hands disappear. So the renewal of love Shanghai pay more attention to the protection of their own market, just a perfect plan to enhance the user experience at the same time.

first of all we see here is raised, so that the time has not released the notice "without V user cost is higher" the conditions exist, but because of the amount and the proportion is not high, resulting in many users without care. Now the substantial increase in the proportion of the love, the Shanghai declaration is to enhance the user experience, to ensure the fairness of the search of information, and through the verification of the authenticity of V on enterprise customer authentication, so as to ensure the bidding account is the enterprise guarantee, to a certain extent does the user experience is very helpful. In the release of the notice at the same time, Shanghai is also the love plus V users show a hyperlink button,

love Shanghai new collections and external authentication comments link user comments on business or enter the collection page of the site to participate in the love of Shanghai plan to protect the interests of users, this series of updates does for us greatly improve the user experience, to protect the interests of users, but I think it is more love Shanghai is a means of standardized management to control their own market to consolidate the two birds with one stone, really clever.


Love Shanghai auction updated enhanced user experience is more behind the market consolidation

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