Li Yang (a pseudonym) is a general manager of a small kitchen appliances export enterprises in Guangzhou. He told the "First Financial Daily" reporter, although his main customers in Eastern Europe, but he quietly over the past three years in the United States Amazon to play their own brand sellers, some products have entered the top three. Potential cross-border electricity supplier is very large, can not wait until the traditional export model is not enough, then do."

with the slowdown in home appliance exports, cross-border electricity supplier has become a new model of exports. Not only Li Yang, many export processing electronics companies are also testing the waters of cross-border electricity supplier. Alibaba, Jingdong, Haier and other giants are also taking over cross-border electricity supplier platform, competing for business opportunities.

bid farewell to high growth

2010 to 2014, Chinese appliances export growth rate is lower than the domestic, this five years of consolidation in the situation, the export trade is not so easy." December 17th, held in Shunde, China’s electronic home appliances export Summit Forum, the consulting company, general manager of industrial online Yang Jieru said.

industry online is expected, in 2015 China’s refrigerator exports cautiously optimistic, is expected to grow by 7%, air conditioning, washing machine exports will resume growth; color TV exports are expected to decline by 6%.

China Chamber of Commerce import and Export Chamber of Commerce Deputy Secretary General Zhou Nanxiang First Financial Daily reporters, said: this year, home appliance exports lower than expected, failed to achieve the expected growth rate of 10%." Emerging market decline is an important reason, there are political factors such as Vietnam and Ukraine; also have trade policy changes, such as Indonesia and high inventory factors to increase tariffs.

other electronics exports are not optimistic. Chinese CCCME electronic appliance industry department deputy director, Deputy Secretary General of information products branch general Gao Shiwang believes that one is in the information technology products, only mobile phone exports to maintain rapid growth, MP3, DVD, audio, printers and other intelligent mobile phone, cloud storage by impact while exports fell significantly; the two is part of the emerging market such as Turkey, India and other countries to import Chinese information technology products early warning, information technology will directly affect the future prospects of China’s export products.

export rapid growth in the past, the growth will be a new low normal." The Ministry of Commerce a relevant responsible person said, with Chinese artificial elements such as rising costs, the international industrial transfer to slow down, to Chinese Chinese industry to speed up the transfer of around 2009 to 2013, China export growth rate decreased to 10%.

cross-border electricity supplier rise

cross-border electricity supplier has become a new way of export growth. "Now is the golden age." Do the ironing machine Baer Ryder electric general manager Liang Yongjian believes that WAL-MART has entered the threshold, but the eBay, Amazon and other electricity suppliers overseas low threshold.

Li Yang told this reporter, he has been in the United States to cooperate with Amazon for three years, to do their own brand. The product must first sent to the warehouse, stocking in advance, if not the stock, the stock would come once the season.

Cross-border electricity providers have to face the three obstacles