May 5th news, informed of the latest, Ma investment rookie network on the day before the completion of the third party distribution company card line world investment, to become its second largest shareholder.


is involved in both the capital level of cooperation did not disclose the amount, but shares a third party highway transportation network platform, is enough to prove that the rookie began to consciously integrate more social resources, so as to promote the "laying speed network". Estimated amount will not be less than 250 million yuan." One industry projections.

said the person, the card line the world had been a logistics supply chain management company, in Guangzhou, Wuhan and other four or five regions with outlets. The founder of the world bank card in a white Guoliang construction organization of small micro logistics enterprises formed a nationwide intensive transport network. The walking model is based on the platform of the operation, the integration of idle small and medium-sized logistics enterprises, and then make the logistics industry "line alliance".

previously, the card line world from it venture capital investment shares accounted for nearly 40%. As for the cooperation with the rookie, the specific proportion of the holdings, there is no accurate information. However, there is news that rookie has been promoted to the second largest shareholder.

these people also pointed out that the reason why the "rookie" investment card line world, the most important is the use value of its control has small and medium-sized logistics service providers, and these dedicated logistics companies to enter, so that the "rookie" around the country in the warehouse can be running, rather than idle.

actually, rookie since its inception, the actual operation is not fully aware of the outside world. According to another brand merchants said that although the rookie to get in many areas, but most of the remote warehouse settings, the business is not the first choice, so the utilization is very limited. Part of the warehouse in order to solve the problem of idle, has been leased out to Tmall and Taobao businesses, as sub warehouse use. Actually turned into a logistics real estate projects."

Alibaba in rookie network combined with 9 companies, envisaged in the next 5 to 8 years invested $100 billion. But as a ground grid, its return cycle is obviously longer than the investment and construction period. Such advance speed apparently can not satisfy ma.

therefore, rookie network announced by Alibaba COO Zhang Yong on the day before (happy child) personally served as CEO. This change in the situation, also seems to confirm a "rookie" naturally or half unconsciously, and Tmall will be closer (Zhang Yong served as president of Tmall).

in addition to attract more businesses, rookie must also integrate more logistics resources in terms of landing. According to Ma earlier in the planning, infrastructure rookie network mainly includes two parts: one is the city by building hundreds of physical self + cooperation "mode of storage facilities; two is the use of networking, cloud computing technology based on these storage facilities according to the number of application platform, and sharing to the business enterprise, logistics companies, warehousing companies, third party logistics service and supply.

Biography Ali rookie investment card line the amount of money or up to 250 million