[review] after the U.S. group once again America, recently in the public buildings and saw the group’s new round of large-scale advertising. This is the group the second Howard hit advertising, is costly. This time, the U.S. group net that "beauty group price lower idle away in seeking pleasure,!" two times: the first time speak advertising brand, tasted the sweetness; second times about the discount, follow up a victory with hot pursuit.


following the United States once the United States after the recent public buildings in the United States also saw a new round of large-scale advertising. This is the group the second Howard hit advertising, is costly.

this time, meituan stressed that "beauty group price lower idle away in seeking pleasure!". August in Hunan TV’s "fire where Dad" premiere, at the same time "every day", "happy camp" and other veteran broadcast.

beauty group first advertising, I wrote about doing business, I have good rhythm Bukexiaoqu, deep internal strength, a common Changquan also have a great power. When the IT system, customer groups, businesses have been solid, this time only to force marketing multiplier. Sure enough, Wang Xingchang to the sweetness, again shot.

these two ads a virtual one real, the first time to emphasize the brand, the second stressed the effectiveness of the image of the United States and the establishment of business promotion plays a small role. This is also from the side, the life circle of media coverage, grass root groups of Hunan satellite TV is the Internet manufacturers a a hotly contested spot, online and offline one less.

stresses the brand: the first ad tasted the sweetness of

beauty group was founded in 2010, is to soar group purchase as a starting point, after more than a year of fighting, to become a leader in the field of group purchase. In order to get more room for development, the United States mission to select the horizontal development, in-depth penetration of the hotel, film, takeaway and other vertical areas, began to build a local business platform to connect people and businesses.

beauty group early in the "do not advertise, good service" is known, is to put more funds to improve skills, such as business and consumer service system, strengthen the accumulation of technology and personnel training etc.. Group purchase early in the absence of good products and services based on, spend a lot of money in advertising is tantamount to "spoil things by excessive enthusiasm and when the platform", the scale of sufficient magnitude to do more to strengthen brand building can help to bring more business growth.

currently, the U.S. mission network has secured first place in group purchase field. Recently, according to Analysys think tank "research market O2O China life service report 2014" data show: 2014 China group purchase market in the first half of the turnover of more than 28 billion 770 million, of which the United States corporations occupy the whole group purchase market share of 56%, an increase of 19 percentage points! Is growing rapidly, ranking group purchase leader.

look at several core categories of data: the first half of 2014 in the field of film, movie ticket group purchase turnover reached 3 billion, with the national electric.

U.S. mission ambitions to buy O2O want to do hegemony