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yesterday (February 20th), the Alibaba group and Bailian Group announced a strategic cooperation in Shanghai, if you see the message the first time rushed to buy 100 shares of A shares to harvest a trading board.

Prior to

, the Alibaba has started in the field of traditional business cooperation with each take cities and seize territory, the traditional retail enterprises, the capital market will have a certain degree of reaction. It seems that the outside world is very optimistic about the cooperation between Alibaba and traditional retailers.

and e-commerce in the past has always played a different role in the traditional business facade, this time, Ma with the concept of new retail, online and offline, entities and virtual…… Melt into one. So what is the "new retail" of the market and how it will affect our lives?

is not just an upgraded version of O2O

some people say, online and offline to get through, this is not an upgraded version of O2O, if only to understand the new retail, apparently too simple.


group CEO Zhang Yong said at yesterday’s conference, the new retail is the use of the Internet and big data, "people, goods, and other traditional commercial elements of the reconstruction process, including reconstruction process, reconstruction of businesses and consumers, reconstruction of consumer experience etc.. Each enterprise will move to the data company, the completion of the consumer can be identified, can touch up, insight, service. Alibaba’s entire ecosystem will be through big data, new technologies to help businesses complete the reconstruction.

this sentence in plain language to explain is: with the new retail in greater depth and through the integration of online and offline businesses, including extends to design, manufacture, downstream to logistics, warehousing, distribution, purchase behavior of your data, you may understand than your mother, and these data can be to help businesses better service for you.

an obvious example is that the need to go to the convenience store supermarket to buy daily necessities, and now can also be purchased over the Internet, the day can be served. This is not the electricity supplier with the physical super grab business, but the online orders, the line under direct distribution, online and offline may not be a business, but in the concept of a new concept of a combination of retail. When the consumption data accumulated to a certain base, through analyzes the purchasing behavior of consumers, can transfer to the upstream demand, to design and manufacture enterprises know what commodity is more popular with consumers, but also can transfer to the downstream direction. For example, a large number of consumers to buy baby milk powder, then he (she) is likely to have the baby, he (she) will need baby diapers, infant clothing, toys and a series of related activities, the goods push will be more accurate and effective.

consumer portrait and privacy protection game

according to the content of cooperation to publish both conference, Alibaba and the brilliance of the cooperation involves six areas: full integration of innovation, new retail formats.

What is the future of the new retail business may know better than your mother what you need