Internet gangster competition, to some extent, can be said to be the capital of competition. This year, the popular hot buy site, becoming a hotbed of capital crazy valuation. Daily economic news reporter recently conducted a survey of the typical sample.

this is a rocket speed expansion of the start-up companies, from March 2010 opening date, has received two rounds of financing of nearly $60 million, covering the city expanded from 5 to 110, the number of employees from more than and 20 up to now more than 1 thousand people. What is more is the valuation of the company to be struck dumb, now $500 million from the initial $1 million when the jump, the venture has not come to the point.

few Internet Co to create such a record, but buy site handle network claimed to do. Lashou said the company’s sales figures have reached Groupon 1/5, the founder of group purchase net growth rate is more than 3 times of the latter.

handle network growth, it is fantastic to incredible. Not only do people ask, is this a legend that holds the pulse of the market, or is it a capital led light magic?

valuation magnified 500 times cited questioned

December 2nd, handle network announced that it has won the second round of $50 million in venture capital, mainly from TenayaVenture and NorwestVenturePartners and other Us Venture Capital Firm, the first round of financing in the Jinsha River investment will continue with the vote. Coupled with this round of financing, handle network has accumulated nearly $60 million in venture capital.

valuation of the company was founded at the beginning of $1 million, and now, according to the handle network claiming to have been as high as $500 million, many VC want to vote, but has not voted in".

but let the handle network CEO Wu Bo, investor Jinsha River venture partner, Zhu Xiaohu did not expect that, after the announcement of good news weekend, ushered in the industry is actually like a wave of questioning.

the morning of December 5th, the investment community Hot Blog, Dragonvest founding partner Charles Li in micro-blog said, "there is an entrepreneurial team into millions of, but announced financial 50 million. False reason is very simple, digital media reports say small figure is not interested, too high can scare rivals." Charlie feeling, "this poor startup, everyone will suffer this play, you don’t play. Today’s eyeball economy, money worship culture, the larger the number the more admirable."

seems to have telepathy in general, the well-known angel investor Cai Wensheng (micro-blog) also issued the same day the same emotion: often see the media broke the news, who and who got the money, the amount of financing is very large. In fact, the general initiative to disclose the financing of the majority of the lack of confidence in the enterprise, more than the amount of money is fooled."

subsequently, Yi Kai capital CEO Wang Ran, Qing CEO Ni Zhengdong and other investment circles also >

Group purchase site 8 months valuation expanded 500 times referred to.