financial weekly newspaper reporter Wang Siqi / Shenzhen reported

recently, Jingdong POP platform staff to help businesses brush to earn points. Followed by electricity supplier brush once again into the sight of people.

is a source of things users disclosure of Jingdong scalping "evidence", in the upload QQ chat screenshots, Jingdong officials demanded a single brush, in exchange for Koudian relief and resource.

Jingdong fell into a brush quagmire. According to the official announcement, Jingdong has conducted internal verification, and dismissed someone’s staff.

brush list, attached to the electronic business platform, the initial stage of operation to the electricity supplier platform has brought real benefits, with the growth of electricity providers, and gradually become a stumbling block to its development.

and at present, there are thousands of specialized services to provide single brush third party. For scalping behavior, the electricity supplier is often in love and hate embarrassing situation.

rely on a single brush to bring businesses to the passenger, while the electronic business platform also has more business presence, which may be the reason for its repeated. However, this kind of false transaction once opened, the reputation of the platform is a heavy blow.

listing is the last line of defense brush. A large number of scalping behavior affect the market for brand recognition, which led to the decline in stock prices. If, prior to listing the electricity supplier for the brush or with open eyes closed eyes "attitude, that is quite good after the listing means.

Taobao platform to combat brush single merchants, turn off the brush search, Jingdong run anti cheating system, have put up defensive barriers to resist false transactions.

platform ranking potential boost brush single

platform electricity supplier due to the difficulty of management, easy to brush behavior. The electricity supplier to provide consumers with a reference mechanism for the selection of goods is the potential driving force of single brush.

Taobao search ranking mechanism is one of the top ranking, one is ranked by sales. Sales ranking itself is the starting point for consumers on the quality of product sales a reference, through the list, consumers can learn from the side of the product and service is appropriate, but also a very important reference." Speed transit Institute president Ding Daoshi said.

it is understood that in the order of the weight of Taobao products, product sales, DSR score, conversion rate is an important indicator, and these indicators can be completely controlled by brush sales. Businesses use this method to create a single brush false sales coverage, meet consumer demand for the pursuit of sales and reputation evaluation. Compared to spend money on advertising, brush sales faster and cheaper, the effect is also better.

is currently on the market, the price is not a single brush, generally in the 3-10 yuan per. According to Taobao’s existing seller scoring system, 300 single praise is the diamond seller, assuming a month full of brush single, you can upgrade to the four diamond seller, and the cost of the most not to spend >

Jingdong survey electric brush brush door difficult to remove stubborn tumor gangster Henzhao