[Sohu IT news] Beijing time on April 22nd news, eBay urged users to resist U.S. online sales tax. This Sunday, eBay to tens of millions of users of email, the U.S. Congress will require all States to levy business tax to the online business, regardless of whether the user is in the state of business operations, eBay urged users in the message urging the government to amend the policy. EBay think that the tax threshold is too low.

eBay CEO (John Donahoe) Donahoe said in the message: "will you as billions of dollars in online retailers (such as Amazon) as well as legislation." He believes that only the state of state revenue at least $10 million, or have more than 50 employees and more than $50 to pay business tax, while the United States will implement the tax threshold of $1 million.

at the beginning of the year, Amazon has expressed support for the national online sales tax, it seems that it will support the new policy. The United States Senate will soon vote on the tax law, which is under consideration by the White House committee.

for a long time, do not pay the online business tax has become a eBay and Amazon advantage. For retailers that operate on the Internet, if there is no physical point, many states do not levy a sales tax. Ultimately, the cost of shopping from e-commerce sites is lower than the physical retail store.

EBay send e-mail to tens of millions of users appeal to protest electricity supplier tax