Hello, I am Chu. These days wrote a few articles about brand marketing response is not bad, today to write about the lack of integrity of the online shopping environment, the problem of rampant fraud.

If you are a

shop, you want to drive every day when you will receive some mass "sell crazy baby". PS exquisite, eye-catching advertising, experts teach you how to sell your baby crazy. This thing is the lack of integrity of Taobao, rampant fraud textbooks. This new shop usually teach you, tell you how to brush the credibility of 1 days can quickly rise drill, how to brush your baby into performance within 30 days of the most popular gold baby let your performance, and how to find a platform to help you brush user evaluation and so on and so on to teach you not to sell things to learn to learn a fraud learning. What is this? This is a condensed version of life network is bluff and deceive steal!

I remember the first time I heard the voice of YY gold baby to create a well-known Taobao university teacher, of course, he is an old Taobao manager. When I started to understand is to teach fake cheat consumers, I don’t understand what makes these people deviate from the integrity, actually teach tricks can also be sought as the gold medal lecturer at Taobao university. It is this moral decay, actually Taobao University also disclosed to teach people how to be a liar hundred-percent.

The credibility of the Taobao

store is beginning to be defined as the standard of good faith. From the heart to the crown which is representative of a seller’s reputation management level and long-term factors, but now? Taobao’s reputation has become a cloak, crown stores still fake fake goods! Ma for these dishonest shopkeeper he expressed frustration, said Taobao shop is allowing them to sell goods and have let them fake. May seem to be a clear explanation of the interpretation of the place. But you are so open to explain whether you can understand that you are shirking responsibility!

from the marketing point of view, Taobao created the myth of online marketing. Of course, this is also a business platform, in which operators profit. The platform of the crime, the platform providers did not foresee or ahead of the strict supervision after inspection. Whether the legal person of this platform should bear joint and several liability. Sanlu milk powder incident in 2008, the former chairman of the board Tian Wenhua was sentenced to 20 million yuan. Of course the Sanlu incident is dead. Taobao and several crown stores selling events, are all gone? Selling list of most concern is the "lemon Green Tea": the daily web browsing over 500 thousand, annual sales of over 100 million yuan, taobao.com first five crown stores, known as the first Taobao store.

February 21, 2011, Alibaba exposes scandalous, the company’s 1107 "Chinese supplier service is terminated due to suspected fraud, the company executives resign. In February 25th, Guangzhou Fang clothing company sued 4000 Taobao shop and selling a case in Wuhan court. This news from Xinhua, of course, has been open for half a month. Such a huge fraud supplier, only one >

Chu the baby through the Reds sell crazy to talk about lack of honesty shop rampant fraud