with the global mainstream browser with IE7.0, Firefox2.0, Netscape8.0 as the representative of the implementation of the full support of the Chinese domain, using Chinese native Internet fast, various industries are actively protecting their own trademark Chinese network, according to the findings, Chinese development domain shows a gradual development of centralized registration, especially presents the industry centralized registration phenomenon.

is the beginning of more than five thousand government agencies, national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of foreign affairs, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce and the people’s governments at all levels to enable Chinese domain, then, Chinese bank, industrial and commercial bank, Agricultural Bank and state-owned enterprises is enabled, then Haier, Changhong, Lenovo and other household electrical appliance enterprises registered. Further down is the automotive industry, "BMW.COM", "Buick.CN", "Honda.CN", Chery. China "registration, according to the statistics of 2007 Chinese sales during the first half of the top 50 automobile manufacturing enterprises, 62.5% registered or opened Chinese domain. Next, tobacco, medicine, food and other industries in the Chinese domain name has also been a phenomenon of centralized registration.

industry insiders believe that the rapid promotion and centralized registration Chinese domain, firstly the advantages and characteristics and Chinese domain name itself is inseparable, it consists of Chinese characters, in line with the Chinese habit, easy memory, can make the enterprise brand faster recognition and memorization, meaning clear, corporate philosophy and culture quickly spread, can also help you to attract more customers, business promotion effort. Once the industry leaders recognize the value of the Chinese domain name will be registered to protect their own Chinese domain names.

on the other hand, the Chinese domain name can quickly spread, service providers can not fail. In order to promote Chinese domain names in China, the major service providers are actively promoting, and the introduction of preferential measures. The industry’s leading service providers, the number of Chinese Chinese international domain name price even dropped to 120 yuan / year, less than the market price of the previous half, caused a sensation in the market, but also effectively promote the registration of Chinese domain names. In addition, the service provider intermittent focus on the promotion of a form of industry, but also an important reason for the industry to focus on the formation of Chinese domain name registration.

experts believe that the emergence of industry concentration Chinese registered domain name, may be due to the service provider propaganda in different stages, industry characteristics, when the propaganda to an industry, when some companies recognize the inevitable trend of Chinese domain, must be registered first, and this phenomenon caused a chain reaction in the industry more to further promote the formation of this phenomenon, the natural phenomenon appeared on a registered.

ndustry concentration Chinese registered domain name of native nternet continues to accelerate