January 2nd, starring Zhong Hanliang, Angela Baby, Sun Yizhou, Liu Mengmeng and other Co, Zhao Jianling served as executive producer of the martial arts costume Romance Drama "shoegaze" solitary Fang not fiery landing Hunan TV crisis. It is reported that the "reward" alone not adapted from the popular Internet writer Feng Nong’s novel of the same name, Huace Hatton’s spirit by the blue whale to send music studio, film and television media, music video, film and television media CO produced flowers, music video is the whole network independent broadcast platform.


" is not alone zishang annual super drama music video push, its powerful all star cast, viscous High Costume Romance Drama Theme and rooted over thousands of IP seed users fans, which have become the 2017 annual drama King phenomenon foundation.


network network to "reward" not solitary Fang big drama launched exclusive love wine package

in the big IP value-added operations, as music video has a wealth of cross platform ecological resources and strong operational experience. It is understood that the "reward" is not isolated users as the core, the integration of the whole ecological LETV business collaboration of anti IP, maximum business value. LETV wine, LETV mall, LETV mobile, music to new music, easy to other financial ecological services are different forms of chemical reactions, including custom suits, custom hardware products membership customized derivatives, envelopes and online and offline marketing activities, etc.. Among them, the network network "not" reward solitary Fang big drama launched exclusive love wine package, and on-line thematic activities. January 2nd -2 month 12 days, see "no" to reward solitary Fang wine 298 yuan exclusive online shopping spree, "love" in the wine tasting at the same time with Zhong Hanliang, Angelababy two starring emotional story.

it is understood that the network network "love" gifts of wine named after characters, respectively, the value of 298 yuan of "Bai Pingting" package – "fire rose dew collection Carmenere Wine" 1 gifts "Grote beer crazy" to 24; the value of 158 yuan of "Chu Beijie" gift package – "open fire roses Cabernet Sauvignon Red Wine" 1 "to dry the fire rose Carmenere 1; value of 708 yuan of" glory days "gift -" fire rose dew Cabernet Sauvignon Red Wine "6 gifts" Grote wheat white "to 48; 948 yuan worth of" man "gift -" open fire roses red Carmenere Wine "6" wheat, white wheat with Groot black, black beer, beer "24 listen to.

is in its own brand building has a set of "panoramic IP mode of operation of the network network, has a phenomenon with music as ecological IP success, the successful case of dry fire rose and Wine Grote beer is 2016. The fire rose is the network network in South America and Chile Wine overlord concha group jointly launched the annual items, to redefine the mass consumer market Chinese wine tastes from the new world to the high quality Wine. Fire rose with an excuse

Super P broadcasting network is not alone zishang wine online exclusive love gift