the "daily economic news" reporter yesterday (August 5th) evening was informed that after Alipay involved in the money fund products, Suning will also recently officially entered the field of fund, began to get involved in the monetary fund and other investment products, become a domestic and a handshake fund products business platform.

Chinese Electronic Commerce Research Center Director Cao Lei accept the "daily economic news" interview with reporters, the prospect is bright, Suning to divide the cake into the field of fund is inevitable, just after entering into much remains to be further observed.

for individuals and businesses

, according to informed sources, Suning financial department in the first half of the year has set up a special fund products special teams, and in close contact with the more than and 10 well-known domestic fund companies, ready to launch for individuals and businesses to pay treasure balance of financial value-added services. However, the Ministry of Finance Suning specific and which fund companies jointly launched, has not yet been accurate news.

according to the sources, as the fund business platform is actively preparing for the. Late Suning member can in to buy monetary fund, bond fund, short-term financial funds and other low-risk investment products, but also through the balance of the value, easy to pay Baozhong appreciation, increase personal extra income.

it is worth noting that, compared to the balance of treasure, Suning in addition to individuals and businesses. In this regard, Cao Lei analysts said, due to the relationship between Suning and suppliers are also very close, the supplier does not rule out the need for financial management may."

another source told the "daily economic news" reporter, Suning late may also promote the use of the shop floor, especially has better popularization of three or four class market, covering a wider population, more in-depth development of the market.

it is understood that in July 2012,’s easy to pay treasure the Internet payment instruments, formally promulgated the people’s Bank of China third party payment license qualification. Currently, the Commission to apply for funds to pay the license is in progress.

a variety of treasure market segments

, according to the China Electronic Commerce Research Center monitoring found that Internet banking includes network payment, network loans, net sales funds and other nearly 10 segments. Due to the recent balance of treasure caused by Internet banking boom is sweeping the country. Many companies associated with the Internet and finance are also beginning to attract public attention, such as 360, everyone loans, etc..

Debon securities analyst said the relevant network marketing, can fund products as an example, after the launch of the balance of treasure, demand treasure, cash treasure and other treasure began to debut. In theory, all kinds of treasure restrictions that people idle funds in the hands of people and wealth desire to achieve a balance of treasure for people shopping money value, demand treasure to achieve people temporarily for the money stock appreciation. Can be expected to push later

The balance of treasure leads to all kinds of treasure fund for cake