experience "cliff" fell after the micro channel of barbaric growth is facing a bigger test.

recently, the first Financial Daily reporters received a report, said the current micro channel sales of a wide range of products called casual fruit products alleged illegal propaganda. As Shenzhen four beautiful Trading Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as "Shenzhen four beautiful") the introduction of an imported food products in the official website, just effect is described as "fruit weight, waist abdomen fat loss control and improve complexion, bowel detoxification". According to the Chinese "food advertising provisions", food ads may not directly or indirectly promote therapeutic effects and health care functions, nor with the help of some components of the role of propaganda express or imply that the therapeutic effect of the food and health function.

this is not an example, in the micro channel, illegal propaganda weight loss effect of common food. Similar to the plum fruit casual food, there are "pure fruit", "net Yan Mei", "slimming Mei" and "Mei enzyme", most of them are labeled "cleansing", "poison", "lose weight" etc..

in addition to illegal propaganda, in the micro channel flow taking the "three no" diet pills have been investigated also in the news around the frequent. 6~8 months of this year, there are Ji’nan, Nanjing, Huzhou and Jiashan and other places have been reported in the micro business selling fake weight loss drug event. Channel chaos are frequent, born in the wilderness of micro business have now caught the eyes of the media storm. In the future, micro business will go from here?

illegal propaganda slimming effect

casual fruit last August after the beginning of the micro channel sales, agency team snowball like expansion. As "imported from Taiwan" food, casual fruit producers for the Taiwan four seasons beautiful Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Taiwan four seasons"), the producer for the four seasons of Shenzhen. In the box just fruit in Taiwan four seasons will be just as "beautiful fruit candied plum".

According to the official website describes

any fruit, fruit has been casually through the domestic and foreign health test ", its role can be clear and clear the gut Supian toxins, hormones and pesticides residues in foods such as vegetables, clear the blood of toxins and remove excess oil in vivo.

in the casual fruit micro agents, for the casual fruit "lose weight", "poison" and other effects of the propaganda is more direct, which is called "Detox candied food", eating fruit after "casually lost ten pounds, and some even said" any fruit agent for lowering blood pressure, alleviate gout, "" cure hemorrhoids "etc..

But the

reporter in Taiwan related website of Taiwan four beautiful business information found that the company was established in February 25th this year, the business scope of miscellaneous goods including food wholesale, international trade, canned, frozen, dehydrated and pickled food production, not including health food and drug. Shenzhen is also the only four seasons food circulation permit (valid from January 8, 2015 to January 7, 2018). In the State Food and Drug Administration of the official website of the import of health food and imported drugs category, literally

Micro business chaos three noes slimming rampant