[editor’s note] from the point of view of the recent adjustment of the rules, Taobao Tmall on the seller and the management of goods more and more stringent, more and more punishment. Not familiar with the rules change, you may be caught. The following billion state power network consolidation.

now, WeChat circle of friends has become almost every day we see the information, do not always get some points not praise, not turn no posts. In the face of WeChat’s "bad friends," you will shield? All kinds of friends sending insanely popular test information from time to time, like a virus bombed your circle of friends, let you helpless.

banned goods aggravating

1, a traffic safety hazard class banned goods heavier penalties, in addition to delete merchandise and buckle, depending on the severity of the store take supervised and restricted release of goods and other treatment measures;

, the new airline, the airline mileage integral; integral / mileage redemption ticket; ticket booking service (except Ali travel) "the relevant rules ban. General violations, each deduction twelve points, the circumstances are serious, each deduction of forty-eight points;

, the new "fake risk brand accessories commodities" lock up related rules. General violations, each buckle twelve points; serious circumstances, each deduction of forty-eight points.

micro Amoy comments have threshold

1, the new illegal scene micro Amoy information elements is inconsistent, illegal shops information promotion: release information elements not the content, including but not limited to information pictures, popular keywords, topics, content information and other elements of inconsistencies, by borrowing; hot topics, content speculation, content to guide the way, not released with the actual content of the information.

The dimension of

II, Taobao micro Amoy platform will be issued periodically according to the business quality, fans in the micro Amoy information activity, illegal behavior, micro Amoy content micro Amoy businesses released a number of micro Amoy and related functions;

, the new micro Amoy review threshold: users can only use the micro channel after the completion of the binding of the phone text comments or comments on the image features, the merchant account can only be published in their comments and comments on the information back.

, the adjustment part of the illegal processing control measures (in many places "to suspend the mobile phone Taobao content comment function" of the punishment)

monthly publicity list


last week, Taobao announced a group due to substandard quality is the whole network appliances off permanently. Classic Cherry, KOKHNKA, YOKO and other six brands on the list.

at the same time, taobao.com relevant responsible person said, from the beginning of June, Taobao will publish a monthly number because of the quality of their products are all qingtui brand. "At home on the right side of taobao.com, a forum of businessmen quality sub page set up a special exhibition entrance, every month to be repaying the brand publicity."

Tmall APP big revision


Taobao’s latest important rules of Tmall adjustment punishment intensified