review: There are no waves without wind., perhaps tax shop not far away, the new business coming inflection point.

"Tmall tax has become a reality, now known to the tax area: 1 Shanghai Minhang District city (Shanghai Minhang District 2 Shandong province temporarily) 3 Heze city of Guilin (Guilin has issued a notice of inspection). The current tax situation: small scale according to 4% of sales tax, the general taxpayer in accordance with the sales of 17%+ enterprise income tax of 25%, because there is no cost to the ticket tax approved 5%, or 23% of sales."

similar to the above news today so crazy in micro-blog, a number of authoritative media on Tmall by tax authorities interviewed the owner of tax matters were reported, and the matter has yet to be verified, but has some calculations, with sales of about 40000000 Tmall stores as an example, according to the above criteria, should pay the tax will be up to 1 million. This is for many Tmall owner is astronomical, for many years the total profit is not up to this level, if this rule once large-scale implementation, I believe that the vast majority of Tmall stores will be unable to bear, will not cause a wave of closed shop tide is not known, but certainly, There are no waves without wind., maybe the shop will no longer pay taxes so far, the new business coming inflection point.

The rise in electricity providers rely on cheap

tax puzzle

the previous electricity supplier war, price has always been the core point of competition, as long as the price is cheap enough, you can fully access to users, this is Taobao, Tmall as the representative of the electricity supplier C2C, B2C platform is fundamental for the survival of. But there are a lot of business platform low price explanation, for example, no physical store rent; no intermediate channel links; a small team of low cost operation, but in the end, no tax seems to be a major factor in supporting low-cost business platform. Rely on low-cost, electronic business platform in recent years, a strong rise, and even presents a subversive line of physical store sales potential, which can be seen from the annual double eleven Shopping Festival turnover of new highs can be seen in one or two. Electronic business platform prosperity at the same time, due to the practitioners of personal registration and distribution of a wide range of factors and other factors caused by the difficulty of business supervision, tax collection and other issues can not be solved, but can not be solved.

the current domestic Taobao, Tmall, Jingdong, Suning, Amazon, Dangdang, one shop business platform are personal shop, some in the name of a person registered in the name of the company, some of the so-called tax registration, and not completely in accordance with the transaction amount to go, the tax department stores on these platforms also lack of effective means of supervision this leads to the electricity supplier tax has become unable to crack a problem. The implementation of this time in Shanghai, Shandong, Guilin and other places of the tax policy is in the pilot phase, can become the conventional electricity supplier tax policy remains to be seen. According to Tmall owners reflect, last year Fujian, Shandong there had been Bushui phenomenon, but the results are in accordance with the sales of 4%, now the outgoing end of tax events, according to how the amount, so far it seems to have no clear.

future may pass >

Net shop tax, electricity supplier new inflection point coming