do a lot of micro business friends come up to ask, why didn’t I sales? Why don’t they find what I bought? How micro business promotion? I asked the two, learned that everyone is the first time to do business, many of my friends have never done business before. There is no formal business engaged in sales work. We do not seem to customers, will not be promoted, can not find customers, and so on, in my opinion is a state, not to start selling.

What is

to start selling? Whether you shop or business or the Taobao store or start sales is when you complete the store building, goods display, promotion, opened after the three problems must be solved: the first batch of initial customers come from? How reputation began to spread? How to form a repeat?

only after these three problems have been resolved, your sales is to start. Just like you have a car, this is not only the driving; you fill up, start the ignition switch, clutch, gear and drove to the road smoothly. This is the start of the car, into the driving state.

similarly, micro business is not starting from the brush circle of friends, only when your first batch of goods into the hands of the user, the user gives you a positive feedback, and the formation of word of mouth and the effect of a single. This is the start of sales. (you know why the circle of friends so many orders display, display, display the customer service to renew it, it is telling you I have been very comfortable) then you according to the business situation and the characteristics of micro business, gradually adjust the strategy, achieve a healthy and steady state operation.

how do I start selling? Start sales, but the following steps.

first step: spread their positioning

: the scarcity of resources scarcity created in the circle of friends in his agent products, tell you my products can not fully meet the market demand, in view of the special market channels, I can provide, please take the initiative to seize the opportunity; and this street stall for three days after the ninety percent off "almost the meaning of. However, the circle of friends are generally expensive to sell. When using this method, we must pay attention to the scarcity of upstream resources and the degree of matching their own positioning to be consistent. Yes, the price is very cheap goods except for scarce resources.

expert positioning method: through micro-blog, circle of friends and other media platforms from their own interest in things and daily life often encountered, we resonate with things. For example, often make their own activities to lose weight ah, recipes ah, so that we notice that you are in some areas of expertise and accumulation. This method takes some time to accumulate, but once the formation of positioning, is definitely effective. When your influence comes into being, when someone asks you a question, you know it’s time to move on.

interest resonance method: by publishing the contents of their own lives, so that we feel their life and the rich and colorful life. For example: food, beauty, movies, television, children’s education, male

Why do you do not micro business sales How to sell goods

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