2014 O2O very hot, but the public comment network has been practicing the concept of O2O for 11 years. 2014, Zhang Tao is to allow the company to accelerate the overall: from the strategic stake to accept the Tencent, to take away the investment takeaway website, and even the business expanded to the wedding and tourism. With the entrance of ERP data management, wireless, O2O marketing Zhang Tao, will be closed O2O opened up the whole industry chain, has become a giant O2O.



below is the Entrepreneur Magazine & I dark horse in 2012 for Zhang Tao and public comment Network Interview:

in the superstitious but not fast breaking the Internet business world, it is a traitor in the United States, never so can "sample reference boil". It is quite a long time in the market outside the hot spots. It was at the time of build barriers to competition, in one fell swoop became the field of electronic commerce local service "Baidu".

called the "capital of winter" again, those who have countless fans of "fast" instantly feel the fickleness of the world.

people lost a sense of security, especially VC who suddenly care about whether you have a positive cash flow problem, the company’s profitability and Kongpan ability being questioned, and even the founder and business model has also been re looked at. Really depressed, every few years to have such a jittery period, but always with a large number of a company to have bad luck.

electricity supplier in general for the financing of anxiety, there is a very high sense of well-being of a company.

(2012) April 26th, dianping.com officially announced the completion of a new round of financing, the scale of investment of over $100 million, including the capital letter Zhi, Sequoia Capital, Qiming venture partners, Lightspeed venture partners.

its founder Zhang Tao pragmatic, low-key. It is hard to imagine that the press conference on the largest amount of financing was in a large conference room. According to the presence of those memories, such as abstract concepts from A to Z nor often heard in other Internet Co and the world’s largest Chinese / XXX "" dream".

Zhang Tao is a founder of LinkedIn Reid. Hoffman entrepreneurs. His strategy is clear, every two years in a suction gold hot Internet industry, dianping.com founded 8 years has never fundamentally change direction; he is good at "run", focused on the core value, compared with the pure growth of users, he pay more attention to the user reputation accumulation; he financing time and industry the opportunity to have a precise grasp.

dianping.com survival story, a matter of choice, to adhere to, but also for the understanding of the law and grip.




Public comment Zhang Tao at first was ready for the loss of ten years

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