some time ago just contact Taobao, opened a shop now, I’ve done a lot of business before selling balloons, selling fruit, work construction, worked in many places, doing fur business, in a word bitter ah here is my summary of some experience, hope for the novice some Taobao our experience, these novice sellers shop early, what all don’t understand, in fact, can ask some of the experience of their predecessors, with a humble attitude to learning. After all, some of the experience of the predecessors, for the novice sellers how useful!

2009, I contacted the, a total want to open their own shop, but I took some of the goods, selling clothes, but business is not good, no one to buy my baby, half a month, it sold only one or two, always do not know how to do this, 2009 like muddling past, forget about 2009, I not only did not make money, but rather close to 20000 yuan, I decided not to sell wholesale others, because others wholesale baby, others have earned your profits, and you’re in the Taobao online selling expensive than others, the same goods, certainly not customers buy, I always want to find a home, I earn less profit, can be directly shipped to me, so,

and I can solve the problem of inventory in 2010, I decided to find a new way, one day, QQ on a strange friend sent me a message: the head of Jewelry Mall, agent, a generation of fat. Of course I didn’t start seriously, don’t know how to operate it, they open the website, I was shocked, I decided to ask them to call, and after their exchanges, I finally understand that they are doing small wholesale agents, can be directly into the goods, their agent Taobao products, and they provide the imported data, also provide more consulting services, after the first day of the second day I understand, proxy them, Taobao shop business is getting better.

sometimes, not to say how smart you are, can sell things, but you have to seize the opportunity, here, I also thank the head store offers a variety of excellent service for me, thank the customer the head store, let me go on my right, gratitude: everything around Thanksgiving the difficulties and frustrations, our enemies. Things do not exist in isolation, without everything around you. Even the resistance are the driving force! Only the unremitting efforts to have the goods receipt satisfied, thank you for reading, and I want to wish everyone after business. As long as the efforts have harvest


As long as you know what is the opportunity to do poineering work online

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