ended at 12:30 on November 7, 2015, 1 million of the 6 digital com has been fully registered. 2 months, about 50000000 yuan registration fee, the domain name is likely to have hundreds of millions, billions or even tens of billions of market capitalization in the future, this is the power of China minon


do you think it’s weird? You think it’s hype?

don’t talk, just give an example. ~


17 years ago, Dave they had already invested 6 in the digital domain from the hands of foreigners, buy expensive things eleven baskets with endless! Often have foreign media comment Chinese minon is a group of good people, they think that even now the domain name investing is a crazy thing in China.

, however, there is a group of people, they love the domain name investment, as a business to business. Is this group of people, they affectionately referred to themselves as "rice farming", the domain name investment market called "market". On the forum, the tea party, even the auction will be held in the Great Hall of the people, there are rice farmers who figure.

The following is the press on the 6

number com Statistics (source: fried rice network).

latest price, change, change, yesterday’s lowest price and yesterday’s highest price:


volume today, today’s turnover, the day’s lowest price, the highest price of the day:


believe that the current situation of the 6 digital com is not an example, how the future market, you can test the domain of the emperor guess!

love net public official micro signal love circle (amqcom), first hand the domain name industry information.

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Stunned! 1 million 6 the number of COM domain 2 months China minon light

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