recently parity shopping site PriceGrabber announced the acquisition of the creation of two years of shopping application Snapette company, but the specific details of the acquisition did not disclose.

through the application of Snapette, the user can be connected with the nearby fashion goods merchants. Snapette has established partnerships with more than 200 retail brands, including Nine West and Joie. In addition, they also provide users with similar Instagram new display features.

after the acquisition, Snapette will continue to operate independently, its nine team will join PriceGrabber’s new office in New York. In addition, Snapette users will not find what the product is different.

In addition, Snapette’s CEO said that before the acquisition, they plan to develop a strategic shift in the

. They intend to add the transaction function, so you can display to the user is through the Snapette to enter the store.

Prior to the Sarah Paiji

said the two companies in the beginning of this year began to contact, and finally reached an agreement. Snapette wants to expand to the Web side, while PriceGrabber wants to enter the mobile industry.

Paiji said Snapette’s vision is to connect the smartphone users and local businesses, the idea is a bit more than the current level, but Paiji believes that in two years will be able to achieve. Now the company focuses on online transactions.


Snapette deal, also make it become the most successful fashion mobile applications (exit) of the new company. During the period from 2009 to 2011, there are many similar companies, such as Pose, Snapette, Fashism, GoTryItOn etc., have also acquired a lot of investment, but did not succeed, such as Fashism after the initial A round of financing and development.

prior to this, Snapette has only one round of financing records, worth $1 million 500 thousand, investors include: Shoedazzle and Honest founder Brian Lee, etc..

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Snapette was acquired one of the few successful fashion shopping applications

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