"Internet plus car" to bring more imagination to the automobile market, and second-hand car business is becoming a business flashpoint.

statistics from the China Automobile Dealers Association, in 2014, the domestic used car transactions amounted to 367 billion 565 million yuan, an increase of 26.03%. Total number of used car transactions 6 million 52 thousand and 900, an increase of 16.33%. Even so, compared with developed countries, China’s used car and new car trading volume ratio is relatively low, less than 1/10 of the United States, Germany’s 1/8, Japan and South Korea’s 1/6.

over the past ten years, the average annual sales of new cars in the United States is 16 million, while the annual sales of second-hand cars as high as more than 40 million, basically 2-3 times the new car. Auction and renovation is the main form of second-hand cars in Japan, in Japan in the form of membership of the used car auction has more than and 150.

compared with other categories of business, second-hand car business marked off a single low frequency, high consumption, first we through a diagram to understand the domestic electricity supplier industry form.

behind the second-hand car business is hot as many clusters, tiger sniffing by visiting the car easy to shoot, shoot excellent letter, all cars, car worry and other second-hand electricity supplier company, combined with the effects of second-hand car trading line market and second-hand car trading links, as you restore a true second-hand car business ecology.

B2B, C2B auction is still the mainstream, oligarchs

at present, the domestic second-hand car trading volume is the largest electricity supplier from B2B, C2B auction model, the protagonist of the car is easy to shoot, shoot excellent letter, and the two competing situation has called close combat, mainly reflected in the data pr.

is the first half of Chinese disagreement second-hand car electronic commerce report were released in enfodesk and iResearch 2014 report shows: Analysys think tank, the car is easy to shoot 48.7% market share ranked first, second excellent letter shot in 19.6%, but in the iResearch report results on the contrary.

for car easy to shoot that their transaction data for the industry first, excellent letter shot and refuses to accept, pointed out that the car is easy to shoot up blowing high data, and announced its own screenshots of the car is easy to shoot the monitoring data. The move was serious dissatisfaction with the car is easy to shoot, a lawsuit will be excellent letter to shoot on the court, to the court to order the defendant to shoot excellent letter, delete the article a public apology and compensation for economic losses of 9 million yuan, the case is still pending.

addition, both in capital running. February 2015, the car is easy to shoot announced the completion of $110 million D round of financing; a month later, excellent letter announced the completion of $170 million C round of financing.

rough statistics found that the car is easy to shoot and excellent letter shoot in the second-hand car electricity supplier to obtain the amount of venture capital accounted for half of the industry.

the actual situation of the two? They chose a different caliber. Public information

Second-hand car business three models and five weaknesses

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