with the rapid development of the Internet, online shopping has become more and more mobile phone consumer choice. According to China Electronic Commerce Research Center, the latest data show that in the first half of 2014, China’s electricity supplier platform sales of more than 33 million mobile phones, an increase of 32% over the same period in 2013. However, the increase in the number of online shopping phone, while the return of the application is difficult, difficult to define the quality of mobile phones and other complaints also appeared to surge. More consumers headache is online shopping rights difficult to protect their legitimate rights and interests of striking one snag after another. The reason for the lack of laws and regulations on online shopping, poor supervision and the seller and the buyer is difficult to reach a consensus is frequently consumers’ pit factor. At present, the healthy and orderly development of the online shopping mobile phone market, the need for regulators, electronic business platform, businesses and consumers of all parties to work together to maintain.

online shopping mobile phone suffered

in recent years, with the gradual popularization of the Internet, people’s spending habits are slowly changing. Online shopping by many consumers favor. However, followed by the rapid increase in online shopping complaints. Consumers enjoy the convenience of online shopping at the same time, but also suffered a poor quality of the phone, the return is difficult and poor after-sales service and many other problems.

Liberation Daily reported recently, Shanghai’s Mr. Bi in the 1 shop online shopping a HTC phone. Before long, the mobile phone appeared fault repairs still has problems and finally the network staff as he issued a "replacement", think that things can be resolved by Mr. bi was to have exceeded 15 days "to return time", "mobile phone serial number" and the first purchase registration number does not match. Refused replacement.

in fact, similar to Mr. Bi such examples in the online shopping is not uncommon today, some cases even worse. Such as "chutianjinbao" reported recently in a University of Wuhan senior small yuan to buy online mobile phone actually receive the bricks; "Qilu Evening News" reported the public Mr. Liu spent 2000 yuan to buy two mobile phone, the mobile phone always appear unresponsive and other quality problems, the customer service said to the business sector identified as counterfeit the fake and shoddy products, and issued by the relevant proof, to be dealt with.

is worth mentioning is that the consumer online shopping mobile phone not only difficult to return, in the purchase, replacement, warranty and customer service service stage will encounter some problems, like mobile phone quality is difficult to define, the human factor is difficult to define the problems emerge in an endless stream. Zhongxiaoxie before the bulletin said, "online shopping seven days no reason to return", "consumer durable goods burden of proof" and "consumer protection of personal information", "financial services consumers’ right to know" and other operators to implement the statutory obligations is not satisfactory.

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why would so many mobile phone online shopping in the twists and turns? Participants and business form have more or less contact.

first, in the store are inert vested interest, in dealing with such issues, often appear the buck passing phenomenon, do things carelessly. A lot of

Online shopping mobile encounter activist multi linkage to defend the interests of online shoppers

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