Tuesday dangdang.com price trend (Tencent technology plan)


technology news (Hao Jun) July 11th news, The Group analyst Oxen analyst will today dangdang.com target price reduced from $9 to $6, maintaining a "hold" rating; and pointed out that Dangdang price in the short term will not rise sharply. Dangdang today fell 5.6%, to close at $5.77.

analysts pointed out that Dangdang is continuing to strive to achieve losses, but the last few quarters of losses continue to enlarge, or in 2014 before it is difficult to achieve profitability.


Dangdang financial data for the last 3 years (Tencent)

data show that Dangdang 2012 first quarter sales revenue of 1 billion 84 million yuan, an increase of 58%. But from the chain, Dangdang first quarter sales revenue fell by 12% compared to the last quarter of, which is the lowest since 2009 Dangdang revenue growth.

profit and loss, the first quarter net loss of 99 million 500 thousand yuan (about $15 million 800 thousand), while in the second half of last year, Dangdang total loss of more than two hundred million yuan. In fact, since listing in December 2010, due to the expansion and price war and other reasons, into the second quarter of 2011 began to become a loss again, after the loss of the three quarter increased.

Dangdang today’s stock fell $0.34, to close at $5.77, down 5.56%. Over the past 52 weeks, Dangdang shares up to $13.13, a minimum of $4.11.

Dangdang losses continue to enlarge analysts said it is difficult to gain before 2014

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